Is South Africa the birthplace of AIDS? After reading the living habits of the local people, you will understand

When South Africa is mentioned, many people will imagine a barren and dry land where emaciated black people kneel and beg on the ground in order to fill their stomachs.

When it comes to AIDS, many people will first think of Africa. There are indeed data showing that the proportion of HIV-infected Africans More than 80% of the world’s infected people are even increasing year by year over time, so what makes South Africa become a breeding ground for high incidence of AIDS?

The origin of AIDS

AIDS is mainly a chronic infectious disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus Usually, after the virus infects the human body, it will lead to the destruction of human immune cells, and a series of clinical syndromes will occur after the immune function is paralyzed.

HIV invades the human immune system, resulting in the decline or even loss of human immune function, which leads to various opportunistic infections , however, the source of this HIV remains unclear.

Why is South Africa a high incidence of AIDS?

【Economic backwardness, poor awareness of protection】

South Africa is a relatively developed country in Africa, but overall it is relatively backward.

South Africa has a mixed population and a backward economy, resulting in a lack of medical and health conditions and a lack of basic medical and health knowledge promotion. The medical conditions are backward, and there is a lack of corresponding medical and health publicity. As a result, ordinary people do not know the dangers of AIDS, and they do not know how to prevent and treat them, which leads to more and more AIDS patients.

【Personal protection Lack of Awareness]

Due to the lack of awareness of AIDS in South Africa, the disease People’s awareness of protection is relatively poor, and many people’s private lives are relatively chaotic, which has also led to a gradual increase in the number of infections.

Many local people do not know who the father of the child is after giving birth, and they often have no contraceptive measures when they have sex , which provides a channel for the spread of AIDS.

【Environmental factors 】

The South African company is located in most of the tropics and has a savannah climate. one of the main reasons for the frequent occurrence of diseases.

There are some African tribes that still retain very primitive living habits. They mainly hunt and eat some Beasts and various bugs, thus increasing the infection of AIDSprobability.

How to prevent AIDS?

—Prevention of mother-to-child transmission

Because HIV can be transmitted through the mother-to-child route, HIV-infected women should avoid pregnancy. After delivery, breastfeeding should also be avoided, and artificial feeding should be used to reduce the risk of newborn infection.

—Protecting Vulnerable Populations< /p>

At present, all people are susceptible to AIDS, we have no resistance to AIDS, so all people need to do a good job of blocking AIDS The work of dissemination is mainly to cut off the transmission route, conduct safe sexual contact, and so on.

— —Blood contact

To minimize blood transfusion or blood products, blood transfusion or blood transfusion is necessary The products must be from legitimate sources, and the illegal blood collection and supply in the underground must have the awareness of this aspect.

Can AIDS be cured?

AIDS has always been a disease that people talk about. It can cause extensive damage to the immune system by supplying the body’s immune system. It is a very terrible disease that eventually leads to multiple organ failure and death.

The AIDS stage is the final stage of the disease course after infection, CD4 immune cells are significantly reduced, and the virus in the body is significantly increased. Various serious infections and tumors occurred.

Some of the research on AIDS drugs Scientists have made some achievements, and keep moving forward, they may achieve a complete cure of AIDS in the near future. At present, AIDS still needs long-term and standardized medication.

How long can AIDS live?

The survival of AIDS infection is different for everyone. In theory, In the absence of treatment or other intervention, it will enter the advanced stage in about 2-10 days, and various infections and tumors will appear.

If you want to prolong the survival period at this stage, you should pay attention to controlling the spread of the virus. And you should pay attention to exercise more and go to the hospital for regular checkups.

When the body When immune cells can no longer resist HIV, their lifespan is very short. Therefore, AIDS patients can only extend their lifespan by reducing the viral load and maintaining immune function.