What is the lower level of white blood cells in cancer patients? 6 Frequently Asked Questions about Shengbai Needle

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“Shengbai Needle” is a recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF), commonly known as >, can help cancer patients temporarily increase the number of leukocytes in the body, which is a powerful “helper” for cancer patients with leukopenia after chemotherapy “!

Therefore, there are also many friends who come to ask Kopp. Regarding the question of “rising white needle”, here, Cope Jun has carefully sorted out six questions and answers related to “rising white needle” frequently asked by friends! Let’s take a look~

The difference between long-acting and short-acting whitening needles, how to choose?

The whitening needle can be divided into short-acting according to the duration of the effect. Whitening needles and long-acting whitening needles.

Short-acting whitening needleAlso called “Rescue Shengbai Needle”, effects last for a short time, so blood routine monitoring is required. If the white blood cell level is low, but the injection is not timely, it is prone to infection problems. However, short-acting whitening needles are cheaper than long-acting whitening needles and have a longer history of use.

Long-acting whitening needleIt is prophylactic and can be used on the second or third day of chemotherapy, maintains potency for up to two weeks, so after one injection, There is no need to closely monitor the blood routine, just one check before the next chemotherapy.

In short, short-acting whitening needles cost less , but it is more troublesome; long-acting white needles cost more, but it is more trouble-free. You can choose according to your actual needs.

WBC Play the white needle?

Then as long as the white blood cells decrease after chemotherapy, the “whitening needle” should be given ?


After chemotherapy, leukopenia is a normal and inevitable the process of. In most of the current guidelines, if the patient is afebrile, despite the leukopenia and even agranulocytosis after chemotherapy, the use of white-raising needles is usually not recommended.

Even if the patient develops fever during agranulocytosis (referring to Body temperature is greater than 38.5 ° C and lasts for more than 1 hour, and the absolute value of neutrophils is less than 0.5 × 109/L), for such symptoms, the first treatment should be timely antibiotics, and white needles are not necessary [ 1].

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And whether it is necessary to give white needles, it is necessary to Based on the patient’s condition and the risk of serious complications. Only combined with sepsis, pneumonia, fungal infection, severe agranulocytosis (<0.1×109/L), long duration of fever (more than 7 days), hypotension, organ When these symptoms of insufficiency are , the use of Baisheng needle is recommended [1].

However, for older Cancer patients with large, weak body, chronic heart, liver, lung, kidney disease and diabetes, due to their poor metabolic capacity, leukopenia after chemotherapy As soon as possible is given to reduce the risk of infection.

Acupuncture is not the only way to raise white , Mild leukopenia can be improved by supplementing with food. Interested friends can click to view ▶ Use food to get rid of the four major side effects: whitening, blood replenishment, platelets, nausea and vomiting! (with recipe)

How long after the shot can I continue taking chemotherapy drugs?

In terms of medication time, it is necessary to pay attention to the time interval between Shengbai Needle and chemotherapy , Avoid giving Baisheng needle at the same time or immediately after chemotherapy. General recommendations 24~48 hours interval: after the injection of Shengbai injection, chemotherapy should be given at an interval of 24~48 hours; after chemotherapy, the chemotherapy should be given at an interval of 24~48 hours White needle [1].

By doing this, you can avoid entering the Proliferating hematopoietic cells are killed by cytotoxic drugs, thereby reducing bone marrow stem cell damage and enhancing chemotherapy tolerance in patients.

What is the white needle side effect?

The common adverse reactions of Shengbai Needle are: nausea, vomiting, bone pain , hair loss, diarrhea, chills, myalgia, headache, rash, etc. Among them, allergic reactions mostly occurred within 30 minutes after administration; no systemic reactions such as flu-like symptoms, pleurisy and pericarditis; occasional side effects of temporary drop in blood pressure but no treatment [2].

Why do I have white blood cells after hitting Didn’t rise?

There are many reasons why the white blood cells do not rise after the white raising needle. Need specific analysis:

Physical problems

Older age or bone marrow hematopoiesis due to repeated chemotherapy If the function becomes poor, it will be difficult to produce a large number of white blood cells.

drug problems

Long-term use of certain myelotoxic drugs can also inhibit hematopoiesis.

< span>Nutrition problems

Less eating, or poor nutrient absorption, make the body lack of nutrients needed for hematopoiesis , may also be one of the reasons why the white blood cells failed to rise.

Does it matter if it suddenly rises high after hitting it?

About this issue , don’t worry, my friends! The high leukocyte count after injection of Shengbai acupuncture is mainly related to the stimulation of myeloid hematopoiesis by Shengbai acupuncture. The occurrence of this phenomenon generally does not require special treatment.

After stopping the white needle, this pair of The stimulating effect of the bone marrow will disappear, the bone marrow will no longer produce a large number of white blood cells, and the white blood cells that have been formed will enter the process of aging and apoptosis after a few days, and the white blood cells will soon return to normal levels.

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