How big is the goose head bag to start growing? Breeding methods that need to be mastered for raising goose

How big is the goose head bag to start growing and the breeding methods that need to be mastered for raising goose

Generally speaking , The slaughter time of raising goose is relatively short compared to raising pigs and raising cattle. The slaughtering time is short, the cost is relatively low, the price of goose meat is high, the space profit is large, and the market demand is high.

Goose head buns generally start to grow in 4-6 months, so how should the goose be raised so that its goose crest can grow It’s fast and big.

The bag on the goose head represents the age of the goose. Promote its growth, let the bag on the head of the goose grow rapidly, and enhance the immunity of the meat goose.

How to raise geese? Whether it is meat or eggs, raising geese has a very large market in my country, but raising geese is not as simple as imagined. When breeding, we should adjust the feeding and management methods reasonably according to the different growth stages of the geese. So what breeding techniques do you need to master to keep goose?

Goose has a keen sense of hearing, strong alertness, quick response, and loud calls. When encountering strangers or other animals, they will whine loudly to warn, and some geese are very aggressive, and will use their beaks and wings to swoop. Therefore, male geese are often used as guards in brooding houses to prevent other animals, such as mice and cats, from entering the house. However, during the feeding process of geese, it is necessary to avoid the flock of geese from being frightened, so as to avoid stress and affect the growth, development and fattening effect of geese.