What is the ideal weight for a woman after 50? Reminder: Just meet the standard, too thin is not good

Introduction: As women age, many organs in the body will show a decline in function after a certain age, especially the digestive system, metabolism system and detoxification system.

Because of these dysfunctions, weight violations exceed the normal standard age, and women are prone to obesity after the age of 50 , Obesity can easily induce a series of chronic diseases, such as three high diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

If you are too thin, your body’s resistance and immunity will also decline. If you don’t have sufficient nutrition and excess fat , At this time, you will get sick, so women want to keep healthy, neither too fat nor too thin, so what is the optimal weight for women after the age of 50?


First of all, let’s understand why women gain weight after 50 years old?

1. Dietary factors: Excessive intake of high-cholesterol and high-fat foods will lead to The accumulation of calories, this time the fat will become more and more.

2. Decreased metabolism: With age, the body’s metabolic level declines, and body fat accumulation tends to make you fat .

3. Lack of exercise: usually too busy at work, long-term lack of exercise leads to reduced calorie consumption, so the body will also lose weight become more obese.

4. Drug factors: Many female friends take a series of hormone drugs for a long time in life, which leads to headaches. Obesity in the face and trunk.

5. Polycystic ovary syndrome: Women with polycystic ovary syndrome are prone to endocrine and metabolic disorders Abnormalities lead to the body becoming more and more obese. It is recommended that women must pay attention to body management and have a light diet, avoid eating spicy and stimulating food, and set a regular schedule.


What is the optimal weight for women after 50 years old? Reminder: Just meet the standard, too thin is not good

The pressure on women after the age of 50 And the burden will be very heavy. At this time, the figure and appearance will be directly affected. At this time, I will also have the problems of ecological obesity and appearance anxiety, and it will also be accompanied by symptoms such as emotional instability, depression and anxiety.

Every woman’s physical fitness, shape and height are different, so the standard weight is also different, so there is no uniformity Standards for judging women’s weight and body shape.

However, you can combine your height and body bone size to determine a healthy weight. You may wish to use the following height and weight table Measurement.

In addition to the above table, The standard weight can also be measured by the BMI value. If a woman is 170 cm tall and weighs 65 kg, her BMI=65/(1.7*1.7)=22.49.

BMI value standard issued by the World Organization: normal weight: 21<=BMI<=23; slightly overweight : 23<=BMI<=24.9; mild obesity: 25<=BMI<=29.9; severe obesity: BMI>=30;

Finally, a woman’s BMI value is 23 or 23.5 is normal weight, if it exceeds 25, it means slightly overweight, if it exceeds 30, it is Slightly obese, if the weight reaches the standard, it is not good to be too thin.


How to lose weight after 50?

Diet< /p>

After the age of 50, the body’s metabolic capacity gradually decreases, so the amount of food should be reduced appropriately. At this time, don’t eat every meal like you did when you were young. I eat too much food, because the amount of physical activity at this age is also very little.

Healthy Lifestyle

A balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle is a perfect age. After the age of 50, the nutrients needed by the human body are different from when they were young.

When you are 50 years old, you should eat foods that contain antioxidants and nutrients that can help slow down the body’s aging process. You should also follow a low-salt diet, which helps reduce the body’s accumulation of water.

At this time, you still need to control the intake of high-fat diet, and you should also drink less alcohol, it is best to quit smoking Reduce caffeinated foods and drinks when possible.

Sports Exercise

After the age of 50, the amount of exercise should be reduced. At this time, muscle conditioning exercises can be performed At this age, the balance and flexibility of the body will start to deteriorate, so stretching and other exercises should be done before exercise to avoid accidents in the body. Yoga and Tai Chi are ideal exercises to maintain body balance and flexibility.

Take regular walks

< p data-track="30">It is difficult to find a suitable cardiovascular exercise method after the age of 50, but walking is a very good choice, which can be done anytime and anywhere, and can also bring There are many benefits, and walking is also a great way to reduce stress.


Which fruits can help women lose weight better?


The pectin substance in hawthorn can absorb fat and toxins in the intestinal tract and excrete them from the body. Some enzymes in hawthorn can promote the digestion of fatty food, More importantly, hawthorn can effectively reduce the cholesterol content in serum and make the figure more slender.


Even if you don’t need to introduce more about apples, everyone understands its weight loss effect. Rich in malic acid and vitamin C, it can promote intestinal digestion and prevent the body from accumulating excess calories into fat.

The pectin in apples can maintain blood sugar stability and can effectively reduce the body’s cholesterol levels.


< p data-track="39">Grapefruit is a very good fruit for weight loss. Grapes are rich in natural vitamins and soluble vitamins. These vitamins can directly affect the way the body eats and absorbs sugar. Sugar will not turn into fat in the body, and for people with edema, grapefruit can effectively get rid of edema.


Oranges are rich in Vitamin C fruits, often eating oranges, can not only improve the health of the body’s immune system, reduce cardiovascular diseases, but also help lose weight.

< span>Banana

Banana is a very healthy fruit for weight loss , in many countries, bananas have also become a very popular diet. Bananas contain a lot of calcium, protein and cellulose, which can bring a sense of fullness to the body and promote rapid excretion of stool.