Tell parents: Don’t touch these 5 things while taking “statin drugs”, don’t worry about them

As a common drug for lowering blood lipids, statins can treat high cholesterol, stabilize blood lipid levels, improve hyperlipidemia, reduce the condition, and induce atherosclerotic plaques Block the risk of serious cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, statin sits firmly in the front row of cardiovascular disease treatment drugs. There are many studies that can confirm that statin It can significantly reduce the recurrence risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases, and protect the health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

So for patients with hyperlipidemia, under what circumstances do they need to take statins? What precautions should be taken while taking the medicine? Let’s take a look together below.

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Patients with hyperlipidemia should take medicine as soon as possible in 3 situations

People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

For people with coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, elevated blood lipids can easily lead to serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as sudden cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction, so the symptoms Finally, it is necessary to persist in taking medicine for a long time to avoid the occurrence of serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

LDL over 4.9mmol/L

Elevated low-density lipoprotein is prone to atherosclerosis, and vascular stenosis is very harmful to the human body, and long-term medication is required to control it , so when it is found that the index is above 4.9mmol/L, statins must be taken, and it is relatively safe to drop it below 3.4mmol/L.

Triglycerides Levels exceeding 5.6mmol/L

Excessive triglycerides can induce acute pancreatitis, exceeding 5.6mmol/L is at a relatively dangerous level, and drugs need to be taken for treatment, and the first choice is fibrates. Triglycerides are greatly affected by diet. When the triglyceride level is below 1.7mmol/L, the drug can be stopped under the advice of a doctor.


Tell parents: Do not touch these 5 substances while taking “statin drugs”, don’t take it seriously

High fat and high cholesterol foods

High-fat and high-cholesterol foods, including fried nuts, desserts, animal offal, egg yolks, etc. Regular consumption of these foods will cause excessive intake of lipids in the body and increase the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

The mechanism of action of statins is to inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol, and excess lipids will affect the metabolism of lipids in the body Interference in the process will affect the effect of statins, and it will also cause gastrointestinal disorders and hinder the normal absorption of drugs.

citrus fruits

Citrus fruits, including pomelo, grapefruit, sweet orange, orange, etc., among which Contains a special chemical substance-furanocoumarin, which will reduce the metabolic rate of statins in the human body, cause the accumulation and retention of drugs, and increase drug toxicity.

Not all statins will be affected by this, mainly atorvastatin, valostatin, simvastatin Drugs, but in order to avoid unnecessary drug toxicity, try to eat citrus fruits while taking statins.

Cold food

< p data-track="21">When taking statins, you should reduce the intake of raw and cold food, because raw and cold food will put pressure on the digestive function of the spleen, stomach and intestines, which is not conducive to the absorption and utilization of drugs .

grains Coarse grains

When taking statins, try to eat less grains, such as corn sorghum, Barley, etc., because these coarse grains contain phosphoric acid and plant acid, these substances combine with the ingredients in statins to form stones and affect the absorption of drugs, so after eating coarse grains, you have to wait half an hour before taking them. take medicine.


Oatmeal is rich in water-soluble fiber. Eating oatmeal regularly can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, but eating too much high-fiber food will affect the absorption of statins , to reduce the concentration of the drug, so it is better to take the medicine and eat oatmeal 2 to 4 hours apart.