What is the difference between black tea and green tea? Which one should I drink in winter? It is recommended to understand before drinking

Tea not only promotes body fluids and quenches thirst, but also refreshes the mind, so that people can find a tranquility by drinking tea in the fast-paced life. Nowadays, drinking tea is like eating. People regard tea as a daily “food”, and it has become an indispensable part of our life.

In life, we meet friends with tea, and tea plays a very important role in social occasions and business occasions. my country’s tea culture is extensive and profound, and has a history of 4,000 years. There are six major tea families in my country. The most popular are black tea and green tea. People generally regard them as daily “ration tea”< /strong>. Do you know the difference between black tea and green tea? Which one should we drink in winter? It is recommended that everyone understand before drinking.

First of all, the appearance and taste of the two teas are very different. Green tea has clear soup with green leaves and high tenderness. , can show the original taste of tea, full of freshness, but because green tea is too cold, it is not recommended to drink too much in winter, otherwise the body will stagnate cold, on the contrary, the cool taste of green tea is more suitable for drinking in hot summer.

Black tea, red leaves and red soup is a fully fermented tea. The dark brown color is formed through fermentation of dry tea, and the golden hair is exposed. The maturity of black tea will be higher. Compared with green tea, black tea is more resistant to foaming , the taste is mellow and sweet, relatively sweet and palatable, the soup is thick red and bright, and the tea is relatively mild and moist, so black tea is more suitable for drinking in winter, it generates heat and warms the stomach, and it can relieve greasy food when drinking.

< span> The above is the essential difference between black tea and green tea. It does not mean that green tea must not be drunk in winter, but it is suggested that drinking it properly is more beneficial to the body. In addition to black tea, which is suitable for drinking in winter, oolong tea is also very good. Oolong tea has the freshness of green tea. Feeling, the nature of tea is relatively mild, and the tea soup is more mellow. The following red and oolong teas are natural good teas that many old tea drinkers have drunk for many years. They are delicious and inexpensive, so you can try them.

Xianwu Fengming

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Xianwu Fengming is produced in Yibin City, Sichuan, and belongs to the wilderness species with excellent varieties. This kind of tea is the well-known “Junlian Black Tea” in the local area. Because of its exquisite craftsmanship, this skill has also been included in the list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by the country, and has also won the It has won the favor of many tea drinkers.

AndAnd the price of tea is also very conscientious and affordable, less than 100 yuan, high quality and low price, the reputation of this tea is getting better and better, and it is called “the best ration tea” by everyone, Long-term drinking will not feel shy in your pocket.

The high mountain where tea grows is about 1000 meters above sea level. There are verdant trees on the high mountain, surrounded by mountains, and the ecological environment is superior. The annual rainfall is as high as 1200 mm, the air is humid, and the temperature is low. Tea trees are very suitable for such a low temperature and humid environment. The growth rate of the tea tree here is relatively slow, which also allows it to absorb more organic matter, the nutritional value of the tea is higher, and the leaves grow more complete and tender.

< span>Quality characteristics:

The shape of the tea leaves is complete and tender, the cords are thick and curly, and the leaves are thick , the golden hair is obvious, the dry tea color is dark brown and oily, with a hint of golden yellow. Full-bodied, the tea aroma lingers in the mouth after drinking.

Zhangping Narcissus

Zhangping Narcissus is an oolong tea, the only pressed tea in oolong tea , this tea is produced in Zhangping City, Fujian Province. At first, this tea was made into large cakes, weighing from one catty to several catties. Later, it was improved by tea farmers and became the common small squares, which are more delicate and compact. The tea has unique The style is high and long, with a natural floral fragrance like orchid and osmanthus, and it is durable to soak.

Quality characteristics:

The shape of the tea leaves is square and the leaves are thick and tight , the color is sandy green, and the dry tea smells very fragrant. After brewing, the tea soup is orange or golden, and there is a smell of daffodils when you taste the tea soup carefully. , the bottom of the leaf is fat and soft.