People with spleen deficiency are half useless? People who often have these 5 manifestations should be recuperated

As an important organ of the human body, the spleen needs to actively participate in the normal digestion of food and the smooth excretion of harmful substances, which reflects the importance of spleen maintenance. Spleen deficiency, as a term in traditional Chinese medicine, refers to the pathological phenomenon caused by the weakness of the spleen, including various types, which may be the depression of the central qi, or it may be the deficiency of spleen yang and spleen deficiency. Those who eat improperly for a long time and overwork their bodies have a higher incidence of illness.

Will spleen deficiency be obviously implicated physically?

Some people say that a person with spleen deficiency is equal to being half useless. Indeed, if you want to maintain health, you should pay attention to the improvement of organ function. They must be well maintained in order to work together to maintain normal life activities.

No matter which organ is damaged or has disease, it will involve other organs and important tissues, which will affect health and reduce the quality of life. Learn about spleen maintenance, of course, about spleen deficiency< span> It is also necessary to know what characteristics you have in time. Once you find that you have related diseases, it is better to actively take care of them.

What are the manifestations of spleen deficiency?

1. Weakness

Spleen deficiency is full of diseases, and many people will show fatigue and fatigue after the spleen function declines. Only when the spleen is healthy can the appetite be good and nutrients absorbed normally to maintain physical activity.

After the spleen is damaged, many peopledigestion becomes poor< span>, the nutrition cannot be utilized in time, and the energy supply is insufficient, so tired and weak, the whole person has no energy, and the situation should be discovered in time conditioning.

2. Frequent abdominal distension

Frequent abdominal distension and poor appetite, you need to suspect problems related to the digestive system. The spleen and stomach are well maintained, the body’s ability to transport and transform water and humidity is improved, food digestion is normal, nutrition is obtained in time, and there will be no inexplicable abdominal distension

. However, the continuous deficiency of spleen will make people always feel flatulence after eating, Appetite will be significantly worse after indigestion, without enough food to provide nutrition and energy, it is difficult to maintain a healthy state.

3. The stool is not shaped

Through your own stool The digestive system of a properly maintained person has a perfect function, so normal digestion, nutrition is also obtained in time, and the excreted feces are< span>Long strip, yellowish brown.

But if there arespecial stool changes, You should be vigilant, some peoplestool is not formed,easy to stick to the toiletThis kind of situation showsspleen deficiency.

4. Body swelling

Puffiness of the bodyMany people treat it as a small problem, but in fact there are many reasons for edema, includingkidney disease, heart disease Damaged.

Of course, under the threat of spleen yang deficiency, many people have no appearance, and the body’s ability to excrete moisture decreases, and the accumulation of moisture will cause edema .

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5. Thin body

The weight of healthy people will remain within the normal range, and the fluctuation range Not too big, according to the standard weight calculation formula and height, you can roughly know the optimal weight maintenance range.

However, many people’s spleens are not well maintained, follow-up nutrition If you can’t keep up, you will show thin body. Continued malnutrition will also make immune Decreased capacity, which can easily lead to other problems.