What is the difference between a slow walker and a fast walker? How much should you walk every day?

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After dinner, going out for a walk has become a habit of many people, and they all know that walking is good for health, and proper walking can bring some good rewards to the body.

As more and more people insist on walking, there is also more attention and discussion on the sport of walking. The higher point is how many steps are better to walk per day? Walking fast or walking slowly, who is better? About these two issues, it is necessary to have a good understanding.

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What’s the difference between a fast walker and a slow walker?

There are actually many sayings about fast walking and slow walking. Some people say that people who walk fast are closer to longevity. Others say that people who walk faster will be healthier as they get older, which shows that their athletic ability is not bad.

And exercise ability is related to aging and human health. Density and loss of muscle tissue also increase, and in this case, exercise capacity may also decrease.

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It can be seen from this that there are many differences between people who walk fast and those who walk slowly. People will be better, whether in terms of athletic ability, health, or weight, it shows that people who walk fast are better.

However, it should be reminded that everyone has different walking habits. Such people do not need to be specially changed, and sudden brisk walking will be detrimental to their health. Blindly, it may cause unnecessary damage to the bones, respiratory system, and blood pressure.

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How much is the right amount of walking every day?

Many people have a misunderstanding about the number of steps they walk, that is, the more steps they walk, the better for their health. Without any plan, listen to others. Saying that it is good to walk 10,000 steps, I will walk 10,000 steps decisively. Even if I feel uncomfortable, I will continue to walk.

If another person said that walking 20,000 steps is good, maybe someone else will do the same, but in fact walking is an easy and beneficial Healthy exercise does not have such strict requirements on the number of steps. As long as it can bring benefits to the body and does not feel uncomfortable, it is reasonable.


In the journal “The Lancet”, a range is given for the number of steps taken by the elderly, 6000-8000 per day steps can help reduce the risk of death, and the reduction rate can reach 40%-53%. This data is obtained for more than 40,000 middle-aged and elderly people.

This is also a suggestion. It does not mean that you have to go to this range, but do your best to walk. Walk according to your own situation, don’t worry too much about the number of steps, let alone climb blindlyIn comparison, it is not recommended to pay too much attention to the number of steps when walking for any age group.

Walking is a healthy exercise and is carried out for the purpose of health care. , Walking posture and walking speed, but also to understand clearly, don’t start walking without knowing anything.