The more than 600-year-old crape myrtle in Taiqing, Laoshan is in full bloom, and the flowering period lasts until September

The midsummer green covers the eyes, and this flower is full of red flowers. Recently, in the Mingxia Cave of the Taiqing Tourist Area of ​​Laoshan Mountain, a crape myrtle that is more than 600 years old is blooming again. The pink flowers are all over the branches, adding a touch of glamour to the clean and simple thousand-year-old ancient view, with the blue sky of Laoshan Mountain. The green tree is like a beautiful watercolor painting, attracting many tourists to take pictures. Photo by Zhu Bowen, correspondent of reporter Taixuechao

The flowering period of Laoshan crape myrtle is from July to September every year. Since it is the season of less flowers in summer and autumn, the flowering period is long. , so it is called “Hundred Days Red”, and because Lagerstroemia is hard wood, the roots and tips of branches are similar in thickness, and it is easier to shake. When we poke its branches with hands, the vibration caused by friction is easily transmitted to the branches, etc. The part causes the wiggling, so it is also called the itch tree. Photo by Zhu Bowen, correspondent of reporter Taixuechao

This ancient tree is located on the west side of Mingxia Jade Emperor Hall. It has been around for more than 600 years. It is an existing tree in Laoshan Scenic Area. The oldest crape myrtle. Despite the vicissitudes of life, under the careful care of the staff, it is still growing well and the flowers are blooming. Photo by Zhu Bowen, correspondent of reporter Taixuechao

Currently the crape myrtle is still in the best viewing period, the staff reminds, please remember to make an appointment first, then set off , When you come to Laoshan to escape the summer, don’t forget to see this rare beauty of ancient trees blooming. Photo by reporter Tai Xuechao and correspondent Zhu Bowen