What happens to people who insist on walking and exercising? Doctor: May gain 5 physical benefits

Introduction: Casanis, a famous French doctor in the 19th century, once said“A person and an artery live the same life”,This means that if the blood vessels are young, people will be young. If the blood vessels are aging, the human body will also be aging.

And a related study published in the famous medical journal “The Lancet” found that the Qumane people They have the healthiest blood vessels ever recorded in the world, and one of the secrets of the Qumane people to keep their blood vessels youthfulis to exercise 6 hours a day.

The lifestyle of the Qumane people is self-sufficient. In order to feed themselves, they have to go out to pick fruits and hunt every day, so the time of physical activity of the Qumane people is compared to other people It is a relatively long state.

Does this mean that insisting on exercising can help your health, especially It is because the physical strength of the middle-aged and elderly people will continue to decline, which is not suitable for more intense exercise.The simplest and most effective way to maintain health is to Walking exercise, so insist on walking exercise can also help health care?

Is walking the “magic medicine” for longevity?

Academician Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has repeatedly proposedWalking is the best exercise in the world.

So what can walking bring to our health?

Although walking is not difficult for upright human beings, while walking, the legs Muscles start to contract and exercise, and at the same time, it can drive blood circulation to push venous blood to flow back to the heart through capillaries, venules, and veins.

In this way, it can help improve the contractility and heart load of the heart, and also help Exercise lung capacity,improve our heart and lung function.

How many steps should I take every day?

An article published on “JAMA Network Open”, from the University of Massachusetts, Researchers from Amherst University and other institutions collected the number of steps taken from 38 to 50 years old and related data on coronary artery risk. The final results of the study found that walking at least 7,000 steps a day can help< strong>It can help reduce the risk of death by 50%~70%.

In addition, a study published in “The Lancet Public Health” A meta-analysis of large-scale studies found that the number of steps for health benefits in different age groups also has certain differences, as follows:

  • For middle-aged and elderly people aged 60 and above, when the number of daily walking steps is 6000-8000 steps, the reduction in the risk of death reaches the threshold;
  • < li data-track="17">For adults under 60, walking between 8,000 and 10,000 steps per day reduces risk of deathThe benefit is the greatest state.

What happens to those who insist on walking and exercising? Doctor: You may be able to gain 5 physical benefits

Walking is a sport that is suitable for all ages and is not limited by space and equipment, as long as you want to walk , we can walk as long as we say, keep walking and exercising, and you will find that your body will also slowly change.

Keep your legs flexible

< span>America’s “Arthritis and Rheumatism” magazine has related reports that running damages the joints, but walking does not.

After proper walking exercise, it can delay the decline of joint function and the related speed can help strengthen the leg muscles, In order to maintain the function of the lower limbs and help keep the legs and feet flexible.

Control blood sugar levels

In a 2016 study on patients with type 2 diabetes, it was found that diabetic patients who walked appropriately after meals were more likely than those who walked at other times< strong>The overall postprandial blood sugar level was about 11.2% lower.

Control blood pressure level

Appropriate walking exercise can consume excess fat in the body, help lower blood pressure levels, and at the same time help relieve anxiety, tension and depression.

Stay away from fatty liver

Related studies have found that regular walking exercises can effectively promote blood circulation. When the blood flow reaches the end of the liver capillaries, it can strengthen the metabolic function of the liver.

To prevent fatty liver,It can also help you stay away from fatty liver problems.

Improve chronic diseases

Published in the top medical journal “Annals of Internal Medicine”, from Yale University in the United States, conducted relevant assessments on 1,635 elderly people aged 70 to 89. Finally, it was found that regular walking exercise Older adults have about a 25 percent reduced risk of chronic disease.

And even if you have a chronic disease, you can effectively improve the chronic disease by insisting on walking and exercising related symptoms.

The 3 ways of walking are very harmful to the body, so don’t do them at ordinary times

Walking with a crooked body

When the body is in a crooked state, the legs on both sides The pressure on the knee joint is different. Over time, one of the knee joints will cause knee joint degeneration due to long-term excessive pressure.

walking with head down or stooped

Some people When walking, I like to walk with my waist bent or with my head down, But this way of walking will easily cause strain on the neck muscles and back muscles.

Outer horoscope and inner horoscope

Outer horoscope and Inner horoscopes are very common mistakes. These two walking styles not only look unattractive, but also easily lead to O-shaped legs and even damage the knee joints.< /p>

3 doubts about walking, answered one by one

1. How fast can I go?

When you are walking and exercising, the number of steps you walk is about 120-140 steps per minute. Before walking, you can properly warm up with slow walking. You can also adjust your body according to the number of steps you take state.

2. Where is the best place to walk?

It is not recommended to walk on hard ground such as brick or concrete for a long time, otherwise it will be easy for Damage to the eardrum and joints.

The best place for walking exercise is land, grass and plastic track, the impact of this kind of ground on joints The force is relatively small, and it can also help some of our air, which is helpful for pleasure of mood and health care of the body.

3. When best to go?

For healthy adults, as long as the schedule is reasonable,no matter what time period Do walking exercises.

But for the elderly with chronic underlying diseases, such as patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, because the heart The incidence of vascular diseases is higher than other time periods, so it is best to exercise in the afternoon or evening.

In addition, the light at night is relatively poor, the coordination ability of the body Relatively speaking, it will also be reduced, so it is not suitable for the elderly to exercise at night.

reminder Everyone: You need to pay attention to these 3 symptoms when walking

Mop step

When walking, the steps taken are not the same size. For example, the right leg can’t use its strength,but the left leg can only be dragged up like a mop.

If this kind of problem occurs, you should be careful.Whether it is a lumbar disc herniation is mostly caused by nerve compression on one side A problem caused by insufficient muscle strength in the legs.

Penguin Step

The walking steps are very small, the body leans forward, and the hands do not swing naturally when walking. The posture is like a penguin, and this kind of problem is likely to indicate Parkinson’s.

Drunk Walk

If you don’t drink at all, but walk in a shaky state, there is no way to get out of the straight line like If you are drunk, you need to be careful of cerebellar damage caused by diseases such as brain tumors, cerebral hemorrhage, and cerebral infarction.

Conclusion: In the end, I still want to remind everyone that you must know how to do what you can when walking. Don’t hurt your body for a step ranking, otherwise it will easily lead to counterproductive situations.