Sudden coronary heart disease, aspirin, nitroglycerin and Suxiao Jiuxin Pills, which medicine is used for emergency treatment?

Introduction: According to the research provided by the Global Burden of Disease, the increase in the number of deaths from coronary heart disease in my country during the decades from 1990 to 2019 ranks first in the world ,accounts for about 38.2% of the world, and coronary heart disease ranks second among the major diseases of premature death in my country.

The heart is the main “power” of the body,If there is a problem with the heart, it is related to whether a person can survive. When there is an early warning of the heart, everyone must learn to consolidate symptoms and know how to save themselves. This is a particularly critical task.

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Coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and angina pectoris are not the same disease

Many people think that angina pectoris is neither coronary heart disease nor myocardial infarction, so they don’t pay attention to it. If you have such an idea, you are very wrong.

In fact, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, and myocardial infarction can be compared to the relationship between mother and son, coronary heart disease It’s the mother, and the angina and heart attack are the sons.

1. Coronary heart disease refers to poor blood circulation caused by coronary artery stenosis or blockage, and myocardial The lack of adequate blood supply to the cells, resulting in myocardial hypoxia and ischemia, this is a general term;

2. Myocardial infarction is the most serious consequence of coronary heart disease. Myocardial infarction is a problem caused by repeated attacks of angina pectoris;


3. Angina pectoris is an important symptom of coronary heart disease, is caused by sudden myocardial ischemia, A symptom of hypoxia.

So for every patient, we must attach great importance to the problem of angina pectoris It suggests that if the existing coronary heart disease is ignored, it may eventually develop into a myocardial infarction problem.

When sudden coronary heart disease occurs, everyone must learn to take medicines correctly and reasonably, and common medicines include Suxiao Jiuxin Pills, aspirin and nitric acid Glycerin,Which drug should be used for emergency treatment in case of sudden onset?

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Sudden coronary heart disease, aspirin, nitroglycerin and Suxiao Jiuxin Pill, which medicine should be used for emergency treatment?

【Suxiao Jiuxin Pill】

Maybe we already know the name of Guangshiyin Suxiao Jiuxin Pill. Most of the efficacy of this medicine, for patients with coronary heart disease, Suxiao Jiuxin Pill can be said to be a portable medicine. A necessary medicine,

The application of Suxiao Jiuxin Pill: Angina pectoris, left front chest discomfort, chest tightness, right Symptoms such as shoulder pain or sinking.


< span>Compared with nitroglycerin and Suxiao Jiuxin Pills, aspirin is more effective in prevention, because aspirin can help inhibit platelet aggregation, thereby preventing thrombosis, so aspirin is mostly used clinicallyPrevent myocardial infarction problems.

Especially for patients with coronary heart disease There are not a few cases of death due to myocardial infarction, so the prevention of myocardial infarction is particularly important.

In addition, patients with coronary heart disease can also chew aspirin when acute myocardial infarction occurs, which can effectively relieve symptoms By exacerbating the problem, you can also help yourself gain time for rescue.


Nitroglycerin is a preferred emergency drug for patients with coronary heart disease when symptoms occur. Among the three common drugs, nitroglycerin has a particularly rapid effect ,It is also the fastest-acting emergency medicine among these three medicines.

Applicable conditions of nitroglycerin: angina pectoris, chest tightness, left chest discomfort, left shoulder acidity and other symptoms .

However, one thing needs to be paid attention to,For patients with severe liver and kidney damage, severe hypotension and acute myocardial infarction Patients with low filling pressure should be contraindicated.

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Remind everyone: Do not take medicines in combination!

Although these three drugs are very powerful, they must not be used in combination when there is a problem. It will be unsafe, and it will be more likely to cause harm.

If you are not sure about the dosage, when the disease breaks out, you first need to call 120 emergency number, to The medical staff briefly describe the patient’s signs, and the medical staff will also guide the medication and the corresponding first aid methods

To sum up,You can simply remember this:

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Doctor: Heart disease still has these atypical symptoms, pay attention

Shortness of breath

Male Compared with women, they are more prone to shortness of breath and shortness of breath. Although this symptom does not necessarily mean heart disease, shortness of breath is one of the very common symptoms of heart attack.

Cold sweat for no reason

It is common to experience cold sweats in daily life, but if the body is always sweating for no reason, you need to pay attentionIt is very likely that the heart is overwhelmed Common manifestations.

Some heart patients are prone to obvious offenses before a heart attack, so if a sudden If you experience frequent cold sweats, you need to be alert to whether it is a precursor to a heart attack.

Physically tired

If you are in daily life There is always physical fatigue, especially unexplained tiredness, which may be an underlying manifestation of heart disease.

Especially after a long rest, if the fatigue of the body still cannot be relieved, it is necessary to go to the hospital for a heart examination.

Tingling or discomfort

Be careful When a heart attack occurs, throat, back, jaw, neck or arms are prone to pain or tingling.

This pain is more common in men than women, and in most cases is related to heart disease.

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How to give first aid for sudden heart attack?

Let yourself be emotionally stable

If there is a heart attack, don’t be too nervous and afraid, otherwise it will easily increase the body’s oxygen consumption,it will easily aggravate the heart disease.

Let yourself rest on your back

At this time, everyone needs to lie flat on the bed in time, or find a place to rely on to sit down, and let your breathing adjust slowly.

Avoid dizziness or other symptoms, and it is easy to cause yourself to faint.

Call 120

When a heart attack occurs, you must call 120 emergency number as soon as possible. Dial the emergency number in time to come to the emergency, so that you will not miss the best time for treatment.

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Extended reading: Heart disease, how to maintain heart health?

Try to quit smoking

If you smoke after having a heart attack, then your chances of having another heart attack will double.

The harmful substances in cigarettes can easily stimulate the heart and easily induce heart disease, so if you want To better maintain your heart health, you must quit smoking at ordinary times.

Follow your doctor’s advice

Related studies have shown that many heart attack survivors do not follow the doctor’s prescription for rational medication, but the medicine prescribed by the doctorhas a very important effect on controlling the disease and preventing future heart disease question.

So you must follow the doctor’s advice and use the medicine rationally, Do not stop or reduce the medicine.

Bland diet

For For people with a bad heart, if they want to better maintain their heart health, Pay attention to a light diet and avoid greasy, high-salt, high-sugar foods.

If you consume too much salt every day, it will easily lead to fluid retention in the body.This will easily increase the burden on the heart and affect the health of the heart 。

Conclusion: The above is about the drug usage of aspirin, nitroglycerin and Suxiao Jiuxin pill, everyone must Remember, don’t use it wrongly during first aid!