What happened to the “survivors” of SARS back then? You can’t even imagine the real answer

The sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2019 is the second time that people around the world have had close contact with infectious diseases. Save others, give up personal safety, and devote yourself to the frontline battle against the epidemic, helping many infected people get rid of the virus and recover their health.

But now the war epidemic is not over, it is still going on, but you still remember the spring of 2003 Is the SARS epidemic raging? It was also a war without gunpowder smoke. Some people escaped from the hands of the disease, while others left forever.

In this global epidemic, a total of 8,822 confirmed cases and 919 deaths have involved There were 7,389 confirmed cases and 694 deaths in 32 countries and regions.


What happened to the “survivors” of SARS back then? You can’t even imagine the real answer

SARS Survivor–Yang Zhixia

Yang Zhixia hugged her husband, thinking of his closest friend day and night Relatives, Yang Zhixia’s father, mother, younger brother, and husband all passed away unfortunately because of SARS.

Although she survived, Yang Zhixia was diagnosed with necrosis of the femoral head by the hospital and suffered from Tormented by the disease, it is necessary to take a large amount of painkillers every day to relieve the pain.

SARS survivor –Fang Bo

In 2003, Fang Bo’s family was all infected with SARS. This sudden outbreak of infectious virus , The originally happy little family fell into endless torture and pain in an instant.

His wife died of severe infection. Although he survived, the 6 patients recovered from SARS Within a month, he was diagnosed with necrosis by the hospital, and the process was very painful. According to Fang Bo’s own description, he really wanted to leave with his wife.

SARS Survivor– Wu Ruxin

The reason why Wu Ruxin hugged his dog, according to his own memories, was when SARS was particularly serious , Because there is no reason for immunotherapy, the dog’s body temperature and hot compress can only be used as a dog skin plaster to relieve the pain on the body.

However, Wu Ruxin, who was infected with SARS in May 2003, deteriorated again and was diagnosed by the hospital with Acute osteonecrosis and pulmonary fibrosis, the successful survival in the end is entirely supported by the dog’s body temperature. When I was infected the most, because of family disputes and illness, I was kicked out of the house with my 80-year-old mother and divorced. In order to survive, I dragged my heavy body and went to the open-air vegetable market every day to pick up rotten things that others didn’t want. Vegetable leaves.


There was no specific medicine during the SARS period. How did it disappear?

SARS virus’s own weakness< /strong>

In the early stage of SARS infection, the infectivity is relatively low, and the infectivity will become higher after the disease worsens. Therefore, as long as medical personnel take effective preventive measures before the infectivity of SARS increases, they can effectively control the large-scale spread of SARS.

Our country took various measures very quickly

In fact, in the hospital In terms of the speed of construction, no country can match that of our country. Xiaotangshan Hospital was built in just a few days, which can be regarded as a blessing to patients, and the trend of virus spread has been alleviated to a certain extent.< /span>

Weather reasons

< span>When SARS occurred, the global temperature began to warm up. However, in the high temperature and high humidity environment, the death rate of SARS virus will increase, which can be regarded as providing natural conditions and accelerating the elimination of SARS.

Forcibly cut off the route of infection

Since the discovery of SARS infection, all people who take public transportation in the epidemic area must first measure their body temperature, and those who have cough, fever and other symptoms should be quarantined and tested positive. Treatment will completely cut off the transmission route of SARS.

Perhaps people have already forgotten this war epidemic, but at the end of the documentary “Ten Years of SARS” , there was such a passage:

All that humans can win in this gamble of plague and life is knowledge and memory.

Although the virus will not be extinct, although the new crown is still fierce, today’s China has already changed from 19 years ago We have learned too much valuable experience in the fight against SARS, and we still firmly believe that the difficulties in this war against the new crown are only temporary, and the victory will always belong to us. Wait patiently, and the spring will bloom.