The mother made a “golden phoenix robe” for her daughter, and netizens exploded

Weifang Daily Media NewsRecently, a video of a child wearing a “phoenix robe” made of ginkgo leaves became popular on the Internet. In the video, the child is wearing a “golden phoenix robe”. Wearing a “phoenix crown” with ginkgo tassels on his head, he walked up the steps step by step, with a dignified and dignified demeanor, which won praise and comments from many netizens. On November 25, the reporter interviewed the child Momo and her mother Li Xinyue in the video to learn about the making process of “Phoenix Robe”.

Wearing “phoenix robe “‘s Momo is quite elegant.

Handwork of arranging leaves in kindergarten

Mother made a “phoenix robe” on a whim

Li Xinyue She lives in Qingyun Garden District, Anqiu City. Her daughter, Momo, is 6 years old and is in the top class of the kindergarten. Speaking of the reason for the production of “Phoenix Robe”, Li Xinyue told reporters that the inspiration for the creation came from a manual work of her daughter. “At the beginning of November, the teacher assigned a leaf homework to the children. The theme was ‘keep the beautiful autumn’. Momo actively went to the community to pick up fallen leaves, and made two little goldfishes out of the leaves, which were very cute. Li Xinyue said that after seeing her daughter’s work, she was very pleasantly surprised and instantly thought of her childhood.

“I was born in the 1980s, my childhood was full of endless housework and farm work, mowing grass, feeding chickens, feeding pigs, chopping firewood, digging, planting corn, planing sweet potatoes… The happiest handicraft is making sweet potato leaf stalks into small earrings and small necklaces.” Li Xinyue said frankly that when her daughter asked her to do a handicraft too, her restless heart began to “have no place to rest”, so she decided to Also make an unforgettable “big handicraft” to make up for the regrets of childhood and bring an unforgettable memory to the children.

For a long time, her daughter Momo has a special liking for ancient costumes, so Li Xinyue had a whim to create a unique ancient costume “Phoenix Robe” for her daughter. On November 5th, Li Xinyue took her daughter and son to the community to pick up leaves to prepare for the creation of “Phoenix Robe”.

Wearing “phoenix robe “‘s Momo.

Cutting, washing, drying, cutting, pasting

The extended version of “Phoenix Robe” is full of love

“Momo is 115 centimeters tall, so I cut the plastic clothes according to her figure, so that the leaves can be pasted later.” Li Xinyue said that cutting the plastic clothes is the first step, and then cleaning the leaves and dust , dry, cut out the shape of the leaves, and paste the double-sided tape, and finally start making according to the idea.

On November 6, Li Xinyue and her daughter officially started production. In order to make the “Phoenix Robe”, they collected more than 300 fallen leaves in one go. However, it was discovered during creation that they had far underestimated the number of leaves needed. “A sleeve needs about 500 ginkgo leaves, and the number of leaves we picked up is far from enough.” Li Xinyue said, in order to ensure the beauty of the clothes, they had to pick up the leaves again.

The leaves have different shapes and sizes. During the production process, it is necessary to ensure the overall appearance is beautiful, but also to control the details to achieve a clear hierarchy. For Li Xinyue, the difficulty of production can be imagined. “On the 5th day, I felt like giving up. At that time, we finished the production of the sleeves and just started. I felt that it took too much time and energy to do such a handicraft, but I turned around and thought about it. , have achieved this level, and we must not waste all previous efforts.” Li Xinyue said, she also specially made a “phoenix crown” for her daughter with leaves, hairpins, and tassels to ensure the integrity of the shape.

Momo is wearing ” Golden Phoenix Robe”.

On November 13, the first version of “Phoenix Robe” was completed. The ginkgo leaves are layered and distinct, and the phoenix behind it is lifelike. After putting on the “Golden Phoenix Robe”, Momo was so happy that she couldn’t close her mouth from ear to ear: “I wear autumn on my body, thank you mother for making me a beautiful dress.” “It’s so artistic, I envy you for having such craftsmanship “”I want to watch the extended version” “It will be longer and more atmospheric”… After Li Xinyue posted the video of her daughter wearing the “phoenix robe” on the Internet, it has gained the love of many netizens. Extended version”.

” After the “Phoenix Robe” was finished, Li Xinyue made a “General Uniform” for her daughter, and Momo, who was wearing the “General Uniform”, showed her arrogance.

At the suggestion of many netizens, Li Xinyue picked up more than 1,000 leaves again, and spent another 3 days improving the “phoenix robe” into an “extended version”, which is more than 160 centimeters long. “I used to spend very little time with my children, and missed many happy moments of children’s growth. This time, while the leaves are still there, I want to keep the good memories, which can be regarded as adding color to the ordinary days.” Li Xinyue said.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Wang Cui/Wentu