What happened to the man who insisted on taking a cold shower? 5 moments are not recommended to take a bath, or hurt the body

Recently, a 56-year-old male patient was sent to Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital. The reason was that the rescue was ineffective due to massive myocardial infarction and prolonged cardiogenic shock.

The tragedy started because of a cold shower 40 hours ago. The patient was alive and well before, but after washing, he developed persistent chest tightness.

I didn’t pay attention at first, until a few hours later, I found that the situation was severe and I had chest pain, so I rushed to the hospital immediately, and the result was a diagnosis of massive myocardial infarction, although He tried his best to rescue him, but he still didn’t make it to the end.


What happened to the man who insisted on taking a cold shower? It is not recommended to take a bath at 5 moments, or it will hurt your body

In fact, the cold water bath originated in the 19th century , originally devised by doctors for prison inmates, to try to change their impulse inhibition by taking cold showers to calm them down and instill fear. Beginning in the mid-19th century, some people paid attention to the relationship between taking cold showers and health.

For this purpose, a study was conducted in the Netherlands, which recruited more than 3,000 volunteers and divided them into 4 groups They are; cold water bath for 30 seconds, cold water bath for 60 seconds, cold water bath for 90 seconds, and hot water bath.

Through a three-month follow-up survey, it was found that people who took cold baths were compared with those who took hot baths, Less likely to take time off work than due to illness, which has to do with bathwater potentially boosting the immune system. In addition, many studies have also found that taking a cold shower has many benefits for the body.

Relief Depressive symptoms

Cold water bath cools the skin with a high density of cold receptors, which can be transmitted from the surrounding nerve endings Sending a large number of electrical impulses to the brain has antidepressant effects. Although many studies have confirmed that taking cold water is good for health, remember that cold showers also have disadvantages.

Enhance immunity

Taking a cold shower can help you better adapt to the external climate change. In order to maintain a constant body temperature, the human body will also adjust the body’s regulation function as soon as possible, so that you can Improve the stress ability of the nervous system and enhance immunity.

Improve blood circulation

When you take a shower, the blood vessels on the body surface will shrink when they are cold. The heart pumps blood, and then allows the blood to flow to the vital organs of the body, providing them with sufficient oxygen and nutrients, and protecting them from extreme temperature changes, so scientists believe that it can effectively improve blood circulation.


The point is, not everyone is right

For example, people with a cold and fever are not suitable for taking a cold bath. At this time, the body is relatively weak and the immunity is low, and the cold bath will only aggravate the condition.

< p data-track="18">Furthermore, patients with cardiovascular disease are not suitable for taking cold showers. Cold water will constrict blood vessels in the body, increase blood pressure, and increase heart rate. accident.

Finally, it is not suitable to take a cold bath if you are deficient in both qi and blood, especially during the menstrual period during pregnancy. When the blood circulation is poor, a cold bath will reduce the temperature of the body surface, shrink the capillaries, and cause physical discomfort.


Try to avoid the following five time periods for bathing

It is not advisable to take a bath after drinking

Take a hot bath after drinking to relax your body and mind Alcohol smells, but alcohol itself can stimulate blood vessels, causing blood vessels to dilate in a short period of time, lowering blood pressure, and increasing heart rate. Bathing at this time will promote blood circulation in the body, and patients with three high diseases are likely to cause cardiovascular accidents.

It is not advisable to take a bath on an empty stomach

Office workers want to take a bath after get off work, but in the state of fasting and hunger, the blood sugar level in the body rises, hot water stimulates, and the blood flow increases, resulting in tissue oxygen consumption Increase, thereby consuming the glycogen in the body, causing hypoglycemia, dizziness and dyspnea.

It is not advisable to take a bath after meals

Many people take a bath after a meal, thinking that it can relieve fatigue and help digestion, but taking a bath after a meal will affect digestion, and even lead to a decrease in digestion, or blood will concentrate in the stomach, and when taking a bath at this time, blood vessels on the surface of the skin will It will dilate and reduce the blood flow of the digestive tract, and the digestive capacity will decrease accordingly.

It is not advisable to take a bath after exercise

After exercising, the body is tired and more prone to sweating. Many people are not used to the smell of sweat, but taking a bath at this time may cause insufficient blood supply and increase blood pressure. High can even lead to dizziness and chest tightness, especially many people choose to take a cold bath to improve their resistance, but this situation is more likely to aggravate the discomfort.

Don’t take a bath when blood pressure is too low

< p data-track="31">The water pressure itself is relatively low, and the temperature of the bath water is relatively high, which causes the blood vessels on the body surface to fully expand, affects the blood supply to the brain and heart, causes symptoms of insufficient blood supply to the brain, and even occurs Accidents, so you should pay more attention when taking a bath, and it is best to fall asleep two hours before going to bed.