What can we do in the face of sunshine depression? Put forward five points, throwing bricks and attracting jade


Some people are happy and happy on the surface and seem to have no problem, but deep down they find that they are depressed. There is nothing on the surface, but the inside is a mess, this is actually a kind of sunshine depression.

Our daily living conditions are actually wearing masks, and living with a mask is actually quite tiring, and even makes us feel that we are not living too well real.

Everyone wants to be understood, included, and noticed.

But we will find that: reality is often not like this. In reality, everyone has their own flaws and things that they should be anxious about. These anxiety will make them overwhelmed and make I don’t know how to deal with it positively.

People need spiritual support. When everything is going well, we will find that we are very confident, feel that we are omnipotent, and feel that we are the most powerful, but this is not the case. , There is an energy field behind the development of everything. What is our energy field? How should I use my energy field? This is what you should think about.


What should we do in the face of sunshine-type depression symptoms?

First: Know what Sunshine Depression is. A thing that seems vague, but often contains secrets and truth behind it. After we understand sunshine depression, we will start to ponder and compare it with our current symptoms. If we are really sunshine depression, with a smile on the surface, and inner pain and discomfort, then we need to think about whether we are sunshine depression.

Second: Face Sunshine Depression. Many people with sunshine-type depression will choose to escape or avoid it. This kind of escape and avoidance often cannot solve the fundamental problem. Only by facing it squarely can there be a possibility of cure. We wear masks for a long time, and we are unwilling to remove them, which will leave a deep imprint on ourselves.

Third: Learn to analyze yourself, analyze yourself. People are often traumatized, which will lead to various problems, and the appearance of each problem is a rare opportunity for improvement for oneself. Sunshine depression doesn’t happen to everyone, it tends to happen to those who are sensitive and cranky.

Fourth: Learn to make time for yourself. We sometimes find that we can do this and that, and we can do everything, but when we are busy here and there, we seem to be busy people, but our spirit is torn apart. You will be so tired. So give yourself more time to let go, and think about which people and things you give up at this time.

Five: Learn to cherish the current state of life. Every one of us is a champion when we come to this world, so we must give ourselves a clear task at this time: live a good life and experience more wonderful life. Whether life is wonderful or not depends on how you think and how you think. In the current state of life, we should comprehend the joy of it more and think less about the things that cannot be solved.

There are many methods, the above five points are a kind of introduction. Maybe a certain point is enlightening for me, it is very helpful.


Write an article in the hope that words can bring strength and words can bring thinking.

What do we read for? A book is a combination of those words, but do you really have the patience to read a book?

Ask yourself: What have you done? What else should be done?