What are the treatments for “Dungeon Bleeding”?

The term DFB is familiar to many women, and some have even suffered from it. DUB is abnormal uterine bleeding, which refers to bleeding that is different from normal menstruation but originates from the uterine cavity. About 30% of women experience abnormal uterine bleeding.

span>The term “dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB) has been used in the past to describe abnormal uterine bleeding Regarding the relevant situation, with the progress of the research, the relevant concepts have been updated. According to the recommendations of the Endocrinology Group of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association in 2014, the term “dyspermia” is no longer used. , now known as dysfunctional bleeding.

Normal uterine bleeding, also known as “menstruation,” refers to the cyclical cycle of ovarian hormones Under the regulation, the periodic shedding and bleeding of the endometrium, the bleeding volume of a menstrual period is generally 20-60ml, and the bleeding time is 2-8 days. Abnormal uterine bleeding refers to bleeding that differs greatly from normal menstruation in frequency, regularity, amount or duration of menstruation.

The treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding should be combined with the etiology, symptoms, severity, fertility needs of patients with abnormal uterine bleeding etc., to develop a personalized treatment plan. At present, the treatment methods for abnormal uterine bleeding mainly include the following:

Due to individual differences, the effect of drugs will vary. Patients should use appropriate drugs according to their personal conditions under the guidance of doctors. At present, the commonly used drugs for the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding include progesterone, compound short-acting oral contraceptives, high-efficiency synthetic progesterone, levonorgestrel intrauterine sustained-release system, and sequential estrogen and progesterone therapy.

Surgical treatment >If the symptoms of abnormal uterine bleeding are severe and do not improve with medical treatment, surgery may be performed. Surgical treatment methods include:

1, curettage

can quickly stop bleeding, suitable for Severe bleeding and ineffective medical treatment, requiring urgent hemostasis or endometrial histology.

2. Endometrial ablation

This treatment method is suitable for patients with ineffective drug treatment , and unwilling or unsuitable for hysterectomy.

3. Hysterectomy

It is suitable for no fertility requirements, severe symptoms, It is generally not recommended for patients who are older and who have failed drug therapy.

Note: This article is a health science popularization article. The articles related to drugs, technologies, products, etc. are only for expressing needs, and do not have any treatment suggestions. For specific treatment methods, please go to a regular hospital for professional treatment. examination and treatment.

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