Is it normal to sweat in hot weather? These 4 places are not necessarily! Reminder: Especially the last one is related to stroke [Xinmin Health]

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people. In the dog days, people are too lazy to move, and they sweat all over, which makes people uncomfortable. In fact, the sweat glands that perspire are equivalent to the “air conditioner” of the human body, helping the human body to regulate the body temperature. When the temperature is high, the sweat glands will cool down by perspiration, avoiding symptoms such as colds, skin diseases, and insomnia. Therefore, a healthy sweat is beneficial and harmless.

Some studies have shown that if a person does sports or labor under high temperature, the amount of sweat per day can reach 6~10L. The sweating parts of the human body are basically concentrated in the places where the sweat glands are developed, such as the underarms, nose, forehead, chest and so on. It is normal for me to sweat in hot weather, and sweating can also eliminate metabolic waste, but you may not know that not all sweating in hot weather is normal. In particular, the occurrence of abnormal sweating in the following 4 places often means that our body is in a state of disease and needs to be paid attention to.

First, forehead sweating

Forehead sweating is not uncommon, and most of them are normal, so which ones Is the situation unusual? For example, you and your family are sitting on the sofa, is it normal for your family, but your forehead is full of sweat, and there is no sweat except your forehead, this is an abnormal situation. Generally speaking, sweating on the forehead may be the “excessive hyperactivity of liver yang” in Chinese medicine. Maybe you don’t know much about the condition of hyperactivity of liver yang. Hyperactivity of liver yang is caused by deficiency of liver and kidney yin, deficiency of kidney essence, and excessive rise of liver yang. The patient presented with red eyes, headache, dizziness, poor sleep, and sweating of the forehead. When this happens, don’t be in a hurry. In addition to seeking medical treatment in time, it is recommended that you usually maintain a peaceful state of mind, control your emotions, and drink more wolfberry tea to calm liver yang.

Second, nose sweating

Nose sweating is also a common part of sweating in summer, but if you sweat in addition to the nose In addition, there is no abnormality in other conditions of the whole body, and it does not feel hot, even in winter, this situation will occur, so you should pay attention. Generally speaking, this situation belongs to the manifestation of “lung qi deficiency” in Chinese medicine. We can improve our own immunity and lung vitality by supplementing vitamin C and exercising appropriately, and improve the breathing state of the lungs. At the same time, you can also insist on hammering your legs with both hands every day to unblock the lung meridian and improve the state of the lungs.

Third, local sweating on the upper body

If we have a lot of sweat in the chest, and almost no sweat in other local areas, this It is necessary to consider the performance of “disharmony of the five internal organs in the body”. The best way to adjust the five internal organs is to use diet therapy. For example, you can choose some healthy porridges or soups, and at the same time, you can properly practice Baduanjin and Tai Chi to strengthen your body.

4. Partial sweating

Partial sweating is mainly manifested by sweating on the left or right half of the body, including Left upper body, right upper body; or left upper body, right upper body. Generally speaking, sweating on the side of the body is a sign before a stroke (stroke), which means that the blood flow is not very smooth. In fact, many patients with hemiplegia caused by stroke are also prone to sweating, and the sweating skin is cooler and the sweat is clearer. This situation should be paid attention to in time, and sweat should be dealt with in time, so as to avoid various pressure sores and skin lesions, which is not good for the maintenance of health.

In addition to the above sweating abnormalities, there are also some pathological conditions, such as some pulmonary tuberculosis patients, who may sweat more when sleeping, that is, night sweats, indicating that they are immune force decreased. In short, in the face of these abnormal sweating, we must maintain a high degree of vigilance, seek medical treatment in time, and understand the real situation. At the same time, pay attention to personal hygiene, remove sweat in time, change clothes, and keep yourself comfortable. Supplement water at any time in summer, especially when sweating a lot, we should also replenish water in time, so as not to lose too much fluid and cause thirst or other circulation changes, which are not good for our cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems.

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