What are the obvious manifestations of intestinal polyps in the body? Do you want to remove it? Take a look at the doctor’s analysis

The stomach is an important organ that helps the body digest and absorb nutrients. In life, we must pay attention to good eating habits to protect their health. However, many people like to eat irritating food, or often smoke and drink in daily life, which will cause irritation to the stomach, and over time, intestinal polyps will form.

The occurrence of intestinal polyps is not silent. It will bring some symptoms to the body. Once these symptoms appear, we must pay attention to them and go to the hospital for treatment in time, otherwise the condition will only get worse , and even develop the possibility of colon cancer.

So, what are the obvious manifestations of intestinal polyps?

1. Abdominal pain

The degree of pain caused by intestinal polyps in different parts is different, Generally, the pain occurs around the belly button or in the middle of the abdomen. Some people may experience dull pain, which is not very obvious.

Some people also experience colic, which is unbearable. The pain is generally intermittent, and the pain will relieve itself after meals. As the condition worsens, the abdominal pain will become more and more serious, and it may also be accompanied by bowel sounds in the later stage.

2. Blood in the stool

People with intestinal polyps will find blood in the stool when defecating, generally Not accompanied by pain, which can be distinguished from hematochezia caused by hemorrhoids and anal fissures. When the polyp is located in the lower position, it may cause prolapse of the polyp during defecation, and it needs to be retracted by hand.

3. Constipation

If you usually have normal stools and don’t eat hot food,suddenly Symptoms of constipation, and muscle and thinning of the stool, should also be alert to the occurrence of intestinal polyps.

If the above conditions occur in your body, you must be alert to the occurrence of intestinal polyps and go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis in time. So, Is it necessary to remove intestinal polyps?

If intestinal polyps are diagnosed, the doctor will generally recommend the patient to remove the polyps, after all, polyps are essentially a type of tumor. Although the vast majority of intestinal polyps are benign, a few have a tendency to become malignant. If left alone, there is a high risk of cancer. There is also a lot of clinical evidence that the occurrence of many colon cancers and rectal cancers is closely related to intestinal polyps.

Intestinal polypectomy is not terrible, it is just a minor operation, it can be removed under colonoscopy, and it will not cause too much impact on the body. However, Pay attention to a light diet after the resection, and you can go home and rest after no bleeding. The operation has just been completed, do not engage in strenuous activities to avoid bleeding again.

Although most intestinal polyps are not serious, it is very troublesome to require surgery. If they can be prevented in advance, they can be free from disease. So, what measures should be taken in life to prevent the occurrence of intestinal polyps?

If you want to prevent intestinal polyps, you must first avoid sedentary. Sitting still for a long time will lead to Local blood circulation slows down, resulting in slowed gastrointestinal motility, which will also affect intestinal health.

In addition, Pay attention to a light diet, and do not eat hot pot and spicy hot pot unscrupulously Waiting for food, you can usually eat more high-fiber foods, such as vegetables, brown rice, etc., which can reduce the burden on the intestines and protect the health of the intestines.