“Yang Qi is the foundation of longevity”! Suggestion for men: Eat 4 more “Fuyang dishes” in winter to be energetic

“Yang Qi is the foundation of longevity”! Suggestion for men: eat more of these 4 “Fuyang dishes” in winter, to boost your energy, replenish yang, and strengthen your physique You must take good care of your body and get through this eventful winter in good health. As the saying goes, Those who gain Yang will live, and those who lose Yang will die.” Yang Qi is the foundation of a healthy body. “If Yang is strong, you will live long, if Yang is weak, you will die.”

For male friends, Yang Qi is a masculine style. Men have sufficient yang energy, strong yang energy, a good mental outlook, and a healthier body. After the age of 40, men’s yang qi will disappear a lot, so it is especially important to replenish yang qi, and people need to “support yang” in middle age.

“Yang Qi” mainly comes from the transformation of innate parental qi and acquired water and grain essence. Innate factors cannot be changed, but acquired conditions can be developed slowly.

Winter is coming, men must pay attention to supplement Yang Qi, gain abundant energy, and let the body stay healthy. Pay attention to diet, eat more foods that can replenish yang, eat less cold food, replenish yang, enhance physical fitness, have enough energy, and have a great body!

Suggestion for men: Eat more of these 4 “Fuyang dishes” in winter, which are not only nutritious and delicious, but also nourishing to the body. Let’s take a look at the specific approach:

The first type: beef and mutton

Beef and mutton are people’s favorite meat in winter. These two kinds of meat are rich in nutrients and high in calories. Eating them in winter can help men improve their body immunity, strengthen their muscles and bones, and make their bodies stronger.

In the cold winter, beef and mutton are generally eaten in hot pot, so that it is warm and delicious. But eating too much is easy to get angry. Recommend a delicious new way to eat, mushroom fat beef soup noodles or mutton noodles.

This way of eating, in a hot pot, with noodles, adds umami and complements heat. It also doesn’t make the noodles tasteless.

Ingredients: noodles, beef rolls, tomatoes, salt, light soy sauce, green vegetables, mushrooms, sesame oil

Method: 1 Clean the ingredients, slice the shiitake mushrooms, peel the tomatoes, cut into pieces, and wash the green vegetables

2 Put oil in the pot, saute the tomatoes, fry the juice, pour in warm water, and bring to a boil< /p>

3 Put in the noodles, put in the shiitake mushroom slices, and boil on high heat

4 Stir the noodles to prevent sticking together

5 After the noodles are boiled, add beef rolls and green vegetables, let it boil

6 Before cooking, add salt, the taste is very fresh , light soy sauce, chicken essence, sesame oil, chopped green onion.

The second type: peanut

Peanut is a seasonal food in autumn and winter, and it is a kind of five grains. Although peanuts are small, they are highly nutritious. It can be eaten by men, women and children. For men, love goes a step further, delaying the aging of the body, and nourishing the kidneys and energy.

There are many ways to eat peanuts. For winter, the weather is cold, and the best way to eat is to cook porridge. The recommended way to eat is peanut rice porridge. Pair it with red beans, jujubes, wolfberries, etc., for high nutrition and more delicious taste.


Ingredients: peanuts, rice, red beans, jujubes, wolfberries

Method: 1 soak the red beans and peanuts in water in advance, so that they can be boiled and save time for cooking porridge.

2 Wash the rice, rinse the jujube, put it in the rice cooker, add water

3 Soak until soft Put the red beans and peanuts in, and press the cooking button to cook

4 After boiling, stir and continue cooking until the ingredients are boiled until the porridge becomes sticky< /p>

5 Before eating, just add wolfberry. Friends who like to eat sweet can add some rock sugar to eat. The taste is even more different.

The third type: chives

Chives are a kind of chives, and the chives in winter are fresh and tender. Delicious chives are nutritious, and for men, they are “yang-strengthening herbs” and “reductive agents” for restoring vitality. Eating some of it properly can warm the middle and strengthen yang, invigorate the kidney and solidify the essence, invigorate the deficiency of the kidney, and strengthen the vitality. There are many benefits.

Recommended way to eat, scrambled eggs with chives. This way of eating is the easiest and the nutrients are absorbed better.

Ingredients: 1 handful of chives, 3 eggs, green onions, salt, very flavorful Fresh

Method: 1 Wash the chives, remove the dust on them, drain the water, and set aside.

2 Beat the eggs well, put them in a bowl, and stir well.

3 Drain the leeks, cut into sections, and cut the green onions

4 Put oil in the pot and sauté the eggs until fragrant , Stir-fry briefly, and set aside to control the oil.

5 Leave a little oil in the pot, add chives, stir-fry over high heat, and fry the garlic until it becomes soft and broken

6 Pour in the eggs, stir-fry evenly, before serving, add salt, the taste is very fresh, chicken essence, chopped green onion.

The fourth type: Seafood

Seafood is a premium food, in non-coastal areas it is a high priced food. There are many kinds of seafood, but they are rich in nutrition. Eating them properly can supplement nutrition for the body.

Among seafood, oysters must be seen and eaten a lot. For men, oysters are a “men’s gas station”, and they are very good at caring for men. Proper consumption can strengthen the muscles and bones, nourish the body, and make men stronger.

In recent years, a large number of oysters have been on the market, and the price is not expensive. Therefore, men can eat some.

The easiest way to eat raw oysters is to boil or steam them. This is an easy way to eat and absorb nutrients well.

Today, I would like to recommend a delicious new food to everyone Method, fish-flavored oyster eggplant. Stir-fried with eggplant, the oysters are plump, the meat is firm and juicy, the taste is smooth and tender, and the salivary glands can’t stop. The taste is wonderful, especially with rice.

Ingredients: eggplant, minced meat, oysters, soy sauce, sugar, onion, ginger, garlic, salt, very fresh

Method; 1. Wash the fresh oysters, remove the meat on the oyster shells, the head is plump, the meat feels fat and tender, rinse it, and set aside.

2 Wash the eggplants, remove the heads , cut into long strips, and set aside.

3Chop the onion, ginger, and garlic, and set aside.

4Put oil in the pot, Put in the minced meat, fry until fragrant, pick it up

5 Put a little more oil in the pot, sauté the onion, ginger and garlic, put Add the soy bean sauce, add the eggplant strips, and stir-fry over high heat to soften the eggplant.

6 Add oyster meat and stir-fry evenly. Prepare seasoning sauce, light soy sauce, soy sauce, starch, warm water, salt, very fresh taste, sugar, mix evenly, pour into the pot

7 Stew the ingredients until they are boiled That’s it, before serving, add green onion and chicken essence.

Above Men, especially middle-aged men, should eat more of these foods, which not only nourish the body, but also keep the body healthy.

Finally, a few more reminders, male friends must take good care of their bodies after they reach middle age. In addition to diet management, good living habits are equally important to supplement Yang Qi.

Everyone should quit smoking, limit alcohol, drink plenty of water, and ensure adequate sleep. Staying up late is very depleting of yang energy.

In addition, exercise more. Let the body become more relaxed, help to improve Yang Qi, and keep the body healthy.

Mood management is equally important. Learn to release stress, relax your mind, and ensure your health in order to prolong your life.

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