What are the elements of success? Wang Jianlin interprets for you one by one with his strength

As a successful person, Wang Jianlin can be said to have a great say in entrepreneurship. He is a very persevering person. After decades of part-time travel, the enthusiasm is still undiminished. Perseverance is an important factor for success, but success must also be supported by several major elements such as firm goals, enthusiasm, and perseverance.

Wang Jianlin is a successful person with perseverance, and his achievements are numerous Attention, he has won the throne of China’s richest man twice. During his more than 30 years of entrepreneurial journey, he has always maintained a hard-working and enterprising attitude as well as firm and tenacious perseverance. Otherwise, how could he have achieved his current success.

The strength of Wang Jianlin’s “Imperial Dynasty” is closely related to his outstanding characteristics. In 1954, Wang Jianlin was born in Cangxi County, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province. Under the influence of his father, he grew up There is a “dream of joining the army”.

At the age of 15, Wang Jianlin gave up The work of “rice bowl” entered the life of the military camp. The military life at the beginning was unsatisfactory, but he persevered with his strong perseverance. Because of his outstanding performance, he was awarded the title of “Five Good Soldiers” and realized his dream of being a soldier.

In 1983, Wang Jianlin entered Liaoning University and began to major in economic management, for the future The foundation of entrepreneurship was laid. In the 1980s, going into business became a wave. Wang Jianlin gave up his iron job and joined the entrepreneurial army without hesitation.

Facing the difficulties on the road to entrepreneurship, Wang Jianlin never thought of backing down. His tenacious belief and strong perseverance are the driving force behind his indomitable progress. By 2013, Wang Jianlin’s net assets had reached 86 billion, and he was ranked as the richest man in the Forbes China Rich List.

In 2016, Jianlin once again became the richest man in Asia with 290 billion yuan. Now, Wang Jianlin has turned against the wind and led Wanda to light assets in the face of a downturn in the general environment, once again showing extraordinary courage and courage. boldness. It is precisely because of its firm belief and strong heart that Wanda has easily passed the black iron age of real estate.

Nowadays, Wanda, which has gone through ups and downs, is helping light assets Next, he continued to cultivate in the four fields of cultural tourism, medical care, technology and finance, and achieved outstanding results. Wang Jianlin’s courage and ability have impressed countless people.