Sweet and sour garlic, a “traditional” food in the north, these 4 steps can make sweet and sour garlic

The most important thing for sweet and sour garlic to taste is to use freshly unearthed new garlic. Although there are various methods of pickling sweet and sour garlic, only new garlic can be prepared Delicious sweet and sour garlic, let me tell you a delicious sweet and sour garlic pickling method, you may wish to learn together with me.

Natural sterilizing ingredients

Everyone knows that sweet and sour garlic is from the north Traditional cuisine, garlic is rich in protein, fat, vitamins and various amino acids and volatile sulfides needed by the human body. It is also a natural bactericidal ingredient. Sugar garlic is brown and crispy, so it is deeply loved by everyone. , Henan’s purple-skinned garlic is actually an export product, but due to the special situation this year, it cannot be exported. As a result, no one is collecting garlic now, and farmers have to find a way to live broadcast the goods. Li Ziqi is a famous food blogger. Garlic to collect garlic, pickled garlic to make a set of whole garlic banquet, the picture is full of Chinese elements.

Li Ziqi pickled sweet and sour garlic

We need to prepare purple garlic, salt, Brown sugar, rock sugar, rice vinegar, high-grade white wine, and then peel off the skin of the fresh purple garlic, leaving a thin layer of garlic, wash it, drain the water, and then mix it with salt and marinate it. After marinating, the bitterness and spiciness in the garlic can be removed, and the taste is more crisp.

Add rock sugar to make the garlic more crisp

The sauce of pickled garlic It is made with brown sugar and rock sugar, which is also the most distinctive feature. Brown sugar pickling will make sugar garlic have a strong sugar aroma in addition to sweetness. Adding rock sugar can make sugar garlic more crispy. It is brown sugar: rock sugar: water: vinegar = 1:0.5:1:1, then pour the brown sugar and rock sugar into the water to boil, then add rice vinegar and let it cool.

Finally seal the mouth of the jar with water

We clean the glass jar of pickled sugar garlic , be sure to wipe off the water, put the marinated new garlic into the altar, pour the boiled sweet and sour juice, add some high-grade white wine, and finally seal the mouth of the altar with water, put it in a cool and dry place, 2 months You can eat delicious sweet and sour garlic in the future.

The longer the development time, the better the taste, and the less spicy it will be. The recipe of sweet and sour garlic is simple, and it is delicious with any food , the pickled garlic in this way is sweet and sour, crisp and greasy, so come and try it.