What are the dangers of frequent ear picking, and what are the benefits of earwax on the ears?

In order to keep the ears clean, many people will clean their ears regularly. If there is a lot of secretions in the ears, it may affect hearing, but There are many aspects to pay attention to when picking out the ears. After all, the eardrum is relatively fragile, and if the method is not correct, it will cause damage.

What’s the point of picking your ears often Hazards

1. Frequently dig your ears, without the effective protection of earwax, you will be easily attacked by bacteria and noise, and will damage the delicate skin of the external auditory canal. If the earwax is hard or plentiful when picking out the ear, it is easy to scratch the skin, and bacteria will take the opportunity to enter the wound and cause infection. Or due to scratching back and forth, bacteria are squeezed into the hair follicles and sebaceous gland ducts, causing inflammation, running water, and in severe cases, boils and swellings in the external auditory canal.

2. It is easy to puncture the eardrum. If you don’t pick your ears carefully, there is a danger of stabbing the eardrum.

What are the benefits of earwax to the ears

1. Earwax can clean the ear canal< /p>

Earwax contains “cerumen”, which can adhere to the dust entering the external auditory canal, as well as the exfoliated cells produced by local skin metabolism, and play a role in cleaning the ear canal.

2. Earwax can kill bacteria

Cerumum is bitter and oily, and can expel bugs that fly into the ear. Captures invading bacteria. Moreover, earwax is rich in fatty acids, which form an acid film on the surface of the ear canal skin, making the external auditory canal in an acidic environment, and has a mild bactericidal effect.

3. Earwax can protect the eardrum

The tympanic membrane is thin and delicate, once encountering violent sound waves, it will go straight to the ear canal , can damage the tympanic membrane and even cause rupture leading to deafness. The earwax can protect the eardrum and act as a barrier.

How to pick your ears correctly

1. If you feel itching in the external auditory canal, use a cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol to gently Wipe, this will not only relieve itching but also disinfect and prevent infection.

2. It can be seen with the naked eye, and it is not very hard. You can roll it up with a soft paper towel, slowly stretch it into the ear and turn it around, and the earwax can be turned out.

3. If the earwax is relatively hard, use a special thin cotton swab dipped in sesame oil and gently wipe it into the ear canal to soften the earwax, then turn it gently to remove the earwax .

4. For larger pieces of earwax, first drop special earwax water for a few days (generally order 3 days, 4-5 times a day, 3-4 drops each time) and wait there Soak the earwax until soft, crush it, and rinse it with normal saline.