What are the benefits of regular massage of Zusanli? Hear what the experts have to say

This article is reprinted from: People’s Daily Online – Popular Science China

As the saying goes: “Patting Zusanli is better than eating old hens.” Many acupoints have health care functions, and Zusanli acupoint is the first among these acupoints. Zusanli is the combined point of the stomach meridian (the so-called “he point” is the point where the meridians of the whole body flow and meet), also known as the “strong and important point”. , dredging the meridians, dispelling wind and dampness, strengthening the body and eliminating pathogens, preventing disease and fitness, and anti-aging and prolonging life.

Indication of disease and syndrome

Syndrome caused by disharmony of qi and blood in the whole body or deficiency of yang qi, especially the qi and blood of stomach meridian. And, proper stimulation of Zusanli can improve symptoms. Studies have shown that Zusanli treats various stomach diseases, and has a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on waist and knee pain, diabetes and hypertension.

Regular acupoint selection method

Zusanli is located three cun below the knee eye on the lateral side of the kneecap (the width of my index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger together) ). When bending the knee, you can feel a depression on the inside and outside of the knee joint. These two depressions are about four fingers down. On the side of the tibia, about one middle finger width from the outer edge is the Zusanli point. Pressing hard will cause a noticeable soreness.

Finally, it should be noted that the health acupoints of the human body cannot replace daily physical examination and drug treatment. Scientific exercise, reasonable diet and supplemented with health care can better promote physical health to a certain extent!

Guide expert: Guo Shubin, chief physician of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University