Wen Tingyun’s classic little order, every sentence is very sad, but there is not a single word of sadness in the whole text

Wen Tingjun is said to be ugly, but he is very talented. He is as famous as Li Shangyin. . The poetry of the late Tang Dynasty directly influenced Song poetry, and later Liu Yong, Qin Guan, Zhou Bangyan, Ouyang Xiu and others were all influenced by the Huajian School; this shows the importance of Wen Tingjun in the late Tang literary circle.

Although the literary world in the late Tang Dynasty was not as good as that in the Tang Dynasty, but there were also many famous people, so the existence of Wen Tingyun It greatly influenced the style of writing at that time. Whether it is his poetry or lyric writing, it is a first-class masterpiece, and some of his classic works are also well-known, reaching the point where women and children are well-known, such as “Shangshan Early “Going”, “Two Songs of Nangezi”, “Excessive Watershed”, etc., they are all rare masterpieces.

The author would like to share with you the words of Wen Tingjun, a classic touching little decree “Dream of Jiangnan” . Ten Thousand Hate”, this poem is emotionally delicate, every sentence is very sad, but there is not a single word of sadness in the whole article. The author is just so eloquent, but he describes the pain of a woman’s inner thoughts and sentimentality in a touching way, so such a touching poem is naturally worth reading, as long as you understand it, Also understand what is true love.

“Dream of Jiangnan. Thousands of Hate”

Tang Dynasty: Wen Tingjun

Thousands of hatreds, hatred is extreme in the end of the world. Shanyue doesn’t know what’s on her mind, the water and wind fall in front of her eyes, swaying and swaying blue clouds.

This is also a very typical poem of grievances, this kind of subject has been written for a long time. It’s rotten, but Wen Tingjun can still write new ideas. It can be seen that he not only has profound knowledge, but also has a deeper understanding of love than others. In this poem, he focuses on depicting the changes in women’s psychology, and expresses their innermost feelings. The pain of missing is vividly displayed. From such a small order, we can feel the author’s deep affection and the woman’s sincerity the most.

The word is actually easier to understand, it roughly means that although I have Thousands of threads of hatred, but what’s the point of hating all day long? The person who misses is still far away and can never return to his side. There is a bright moon hanging over Cangshan, but it can’t know the sorrow in my heart. The whispering wind on the water blew down countless petals, and they all fell into the water. The blue clouds swaying in the distance were under the evening wind. Slightly oblique. In fact, these few sentences do not have any superb skills, they are just so handy, but each sentence is full of sorrow, and it is really heart-wrenching to read.

The ancients used to describe this kind of acacia words, but it was more subtle. Many people will be more direct, but the lovesickness among the ancients is more reflected in psychological changes. And Wen Tingjun described it through psychological changes, so he described a woman’s lovesickness in a touching way. Although this poem has only a few short sentences, each sentence has a kind of power that directly hits people’s hearts, which makes us feel her deep affection.

The sweetheart is not around, and she has been living in a foreign country all the time, just to live, but for the wife at home, it is the most tortured, thinking of each other all the time. But in ancient times, unlike today, we can communicate by telephone. At that time, technology was not developed, and it might take a long time to receive even a letter. For the wives at home, it is a kind of torture, they miss their distant lover all the time.

Wen Tingjun’s little decree was just so lightly written, but it was written into the heart of the woman , it is such a description that also makes this poem seem very real and touching. There are only a few words, but it is worth more than a thousand words. After reading it, we can also feel a piece of the woman. deep feeling. Only a talented person like Wen Tingyun can write such touching poems, and such emotions will resonate in any era.