Wen Tianxiang, a national hero: “No one in life has died since ancient times, keep his loyal heart to reflect the history” Night listening to the shocking words

Wen Tianxiang, whose first name was Yunsun, styled Song Rui, was good at acting. The Taoist name is Fuxiu Taoist, Wenshan. Born in Luling, Jizhou, Jiangxi Province, he was a statesman, writer, patriotic poet, and famous official who resisted the Yuan Dynasty in the late Song Dynasty.

The poems in his later years reflect his faithful nation Integrity and tenacious fighting spirit, the famous works handed down to later generations include “Song of Righteous Qi” and “Crossing Ling Ding Yang”.

In the four years of Baoyou, Wen Tianxiang ranked first in Jinshi and became the number one scholar. In the first year of Kaiqing, Cheng Shilang and Ning Haijun Jiedu magistrate were awarded additionally. In the sixth year of Xianchun, he served as the supervisor of military equipment and the Academy of Quanzhi. He was dismissed from office because he mocked Jia Sidao, the prime minister of power, when he drafted the imperial edict. In the first year of Deyou, when the Yuan soldiers invaded the south and Lin’an was in critical condition, he recruited volunteers in his hometown to resolutely resist the invasion of the Yuan soldiers. When rescuing Changzhou, he retreated to Yuhang due to internal disharmony. In the second year of Jingyan, he attacked Jiangxi again, but finally retreated to Guangdong due to his isolation. In the first year of Xiangxing, he was captured in Wupoling, and then escorted to Yuan Dadu. He was imprisoned for three years. Seventeen.