A 28-year-old woman ate and slept with her dog. Half a year later, she had unbearable abdominal pain. The doctor’s words made her break out in a cold sweat

Ms. Li is 28 years old this year. She had a boyfriend when she was in college. After graduation, the two parted ways. Since then, Ms. Li has never been in love again. In order to pass the free time, she raised a dog. As the contact became more frequent, the relationship between her and the dog became deeper and deeper. She not only took the dog out for a walk every day, but also ate and slept with the dog.

Half a year later, at noon one day, she suddenly felt a severe stomachache. At first, she thought it was a bad stomach, but she didn’t expect that her stomach still hurt after going to the toilet, so she had to go to the hospital for a physical examination. After a detailed diagnosis, the doctor found that there were a large number of parasites in her body. The doctor learned that Ms. Li often ate and slept with dogs, so she concluded that these parasites were passed on to her by dogs. After hearing what the doctor said, Ms. Li broke out in a cold sweat. She didn’t expect that the culprit of the stomachache was her dog.

Then the doctor gave her a few suggestions, first of all, take time to bathe the pet every day, especially when the weather is hot, pets are prone to parasites; secondly, don’t spoil the pet, let alone Sleep with pets; remember to vaccinate pets again. If pets are sick, be sure to take them to the pet hospital in time; finally, the room should be ventilated and cleaned frequently to prevent the growth of bacteria and endanger the health of pets.


In real life, we find that many women like to keep pets, which is understandable, but some women regard pets as more important than their relatives. Every day, babies are long and babies are short, so treat pets It’s better than treating my parents. If my parents are sick and I don’t care about it, and if my pet has any troubles, I feel like the sky is going to fall. This is a bit too much. After all, no matter how cute a pet is, no matter how human it is, it can’t replace a human being. Moreover, a pet’s lifespan is very short, and it’s impossible for it to accompany you for the rest of your life. Therefore, we must cherish our loved ones, and never lose the watermelon while picking sesame seeds.

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