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Promoting the “Four Improvements” to build hard core strength – thoroughly implement the third session of the 13th Municipal Party Committee The second series of comments on the spirit of the plenary session

□The newspaper commentator

Modernization construction is a systematic project, which requires overall planning and overall advancement, and more importantly, it must focus on potential space , Focus on weak areas. To create the height of Weifang’s rapid rise in the modernization drive, it is necessary to focus on the “four upgrades” and accelerate the hard core strength of a modern and powerful city.

Enhance the quality and ability of cadres. Cadres are the backbone of career development. The key to pushing the development of Weifang to a new height lies in the cadres. If the cadres have a realm and structure, Weifang will have a solid backbone; if the cadres have the ability and responsibility, Weifang will have the momentum and bright prospects. “Short ropes cannot draw deep wells, and shallow waters cannot carry large boats.” At present, the changes in the situation in the new era have brought about new situations, new problems, new risks, and new challenges emerging one after another. This requires the cadre team to accelerate cognitive iteration, Capability reconstruction and work style reshaping to improve the adaptability to the development of Weifang. On the new road to rushing for the exam, the majority of party members and cadres should take the initiative to seek changes, strengthen the awareness of development in the promotion of the state, break the ice of thinking in the enlargement of the pattern, enhance the leadership ability in the iterative cognition, and strive to be the key variable in the reshaping of the work style. Cultivate the high-level and large-scale pattern, temper the real ability and hard work style, and truly take on the important task of leading and promoting modernization.

Enhance the vitality of the city’s energy level. A city is the main front of modernization, and energy level vitality is the city’s long-term competitiveness and future vitality. Improving the quality of urban functions and improving the energy level of the city embodies the value orientation and functional positioning of urban development, and is also the only way to enhance urban vitality and promote high-quality development. “The more you know, the more you will act.” In the face of increasingly fierce regional competition, Weifang must take advantage of the trend, follow the trend, establish the concept of quality, modernity, and vitality, focus on making people happy and achieve careers, and gather strength to shape “High-quality”, improve “carrying capacity”, enhance “fashion style”, accumulate advantages in the promotion of urban energy level, roll out a long roll, and create a livable, resilient and smart city. It is necessary to speed up the optimization of planning, construction and governance, make more efforts to improve urban functions, accelerate the enrichment of service formats, create a city of quality, modernity, and vitality, and build a strong magnetic field that gathers resource elements.

Enhance the new economy and new industries. The new economy and new industries represent the development direction of advanced productive forces, indicate the future development prospects, and determine the potential and upper limit of urban development. We must understand and deal with the new economy and new industries from a strategic perspective, actively adapt to the new economy, vigorously embrace new industries, cultivate new growth drivers, and seize the commanding heights of high-quality development through a deep understanding of economic development trends and laws. The real economy is the cornerstone of modernization. We must put the focus of economic development on the real economy, vigorously promote the “five optimizations”, and fully implement the industrial organization of “keep an eye on the frontier, build an ecology, aggregate along the chain, and develop in clusters” The concept, deepen and solidify the two articles of “excellent stock” and “expansion”, and strive to create a national manufacturing high-quality development pilot zone. It is necessary to increase the height of planning and make forward-looking “golden track”; increase the strength of support and become a “platform carrier” for special construction; increase the ecological viscosity and jointly build a “tropical rainforest”; increase the accuracy of attraction and innovate and break through “” Capital investment”, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, and open up a vast blue ocean for high-quality development.

Improve the quality of life of the people. Governing the country is permanence, and benefiting the people is the foundation. Realizing the people’s yearning for a better life is the starting point and goal of modernization. On the new journey, we must firmly establish a people-centered development philosophy, realize, safeguard, and develop the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, firmly grasp the most direct and practical interests of the people, and do our best, We will do what we can and accelerate the creation of a “Demonstration City for Common Prosperity”. It is necessary to take multiple measures to increase the income of residents and make the pockets of the masses bulge. It is necessary to continue to expand the supply of high-quality services, focus on the “urgent, difficult and anxious” problems of the masses and the needs of the whole life cycle of people, pay close attention to key areas such as education, medical care, and elderly care, and accelerate the promotion of good education for young children, excellent education for learning, and good morals for workers , the sick have good doctors, the old are cared for, the house is livable, the weak are supported by the public, so that high-quality public services have become the “standard equipment” of people’s lives. It is necessary to continuously improve the social security system, continue to promote the expansion of social security coverage, improve standards, and optimize services to tackle key problems, so as to support the “steady happiness” of the masses. It is necessary to focus on promoting the integrated development of urban and rural areas, take the expansion and innovation of the “three models” as the guide, comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and draw a happy picture of common prosperity.