The development of a new generation of manned rockets and heavy-duty rockets is advancing in an orderly manner

News from CCTV: The 2022 China Aerospace Conference is being held in Haikou. The reporter learned from the conference that my country’s new generation of manned rockets for manned moon landing will The development will be completed before 2030, and the development of the heavy-duty launch vehicle has also achieved phased results.

According to reports, the diameter of the new-generation manned rocket body is equivalent to that of the Long March 5 launch vehicle. Mission requirements for landing on the moon.

Long Lehao, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Long March Series Launch Vehicle Chief Consultant, Long March Series Launch Vehicle Chief Consultant:Equivalent to three Long March 5 core ones Each core stage is connected in parallel with three assemblies, and each assembly has 7 engines, and each engine has a thrust of nearly 120 tons, just such a giant. Of course, there is a second level. In this way, the three Chinese will be launched twice. The carrying capacity of the low-earth orbit can reach about 70 tons. The ability of the earth-moon transfer orbit is about 1 27 tons, so it may be launched in two times, and (realize) three Chinese people will land on the moon before 2030.

At the same time, Academician Long Lehao ​​introduced that my country’s heavy-duty launch vehicle is also under development, and its rocket body The diameter reaches 10.6 meters, the height is about 110 meters, the carrying capacity of low orbit can reach more than 150 tons, and the ability of earth-moon transfer orbit can reach more than 50 tons. This will be the rocket with the strongest carrying capacity in the future.

Long Le, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chief Engineer of Long March Series Launch Vehicles Howe: Such a rocket exceeds the carrying capacity of all rockets in history. In the future, in addition to realizing our more distant goals, such as manned Mars exploration, and the establishment of a lunar base, and even direct civilian use in the future, let it The construction of space solar power plants for transportation is now progressing well. The specific appearance has been made and produced, and the engines of the first, second and third stages have been correspondingly passed the short-range hot test run assessment of the whole system, that is to say The specific plans have been determined, and it is entirely possible to enter the first flight test in 8 to 10 years.

Source: CCTV