Watch the stars, listen to the birdsong, and camp in the green mountains and waters together~

Now is a good time for camping

would like to go with family and friends

find a green space span>

With the cool breeze

Put up a tent

away from the noise , close to nature

# Jinhai Lake Scenic Area

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Jinhai Lake Scenic Area is located 15 kilometers east of Pinggu District. It is now an AAAA-level scenic spot with a water area of ​​6.5 square kilometers. Jinhai Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides, the peaks are verdant and the scenery is beautiful, which is suitable for the whole family to relax together.

The Lake Light Tower is located on the top of the central island of Jinhai Lake On the top, the pavilion-style building with a seven-story octagonal brick and wood structure is one of the main landscapes of Jinhai Lake. Climbing to the top of the tower can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The lawn here is very big, children can freely run. Take your family to set up tents on the lawn, go camping in the wild, and enjoy the fun of nature! Bring your own tent camping 50 yuan / person (day camp).

Picture/Official website of Jinhai Lake Scenic Area< /p>

Address: Jinhai Lake Scenic Area, Jinhai Lake Town, Pinggu District, Beijing

# Sunlight Valley< /strong>

Sunlight Valley is a light luxury natural holiday camp The park, with the campsite as the entrance, integrates the concepts of camps, resorts, homestays and parks to create a leisure and vacation complex focusing on family vacations and friends gatherings.

Currently, Sun Valley’s theme camps are divided into two types: day camps and full-day camps. Area A is backed by the mountains and the sun is just right. The tents are set up in the shade of the staggered trees, which is cool and comfortable.

Area B is surrounded by Nanwang Lake, which is adjacent to the unpowered paradise. It is very suitable for bringing children. Children can play and adults can enjoy the breeze. Bring your family here in your spare time and enjoy the quiet time of the night in the mountains!

Address: No. 1, Heida Road, Gelaoyu Village, Mujiayu Town, Miyun District, Beijing

# Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort

Chunhui Garden The hot spring resort hotel is located in Yuzhuang, Gaoliying Town, Shunyi District, backed by the charming Wenyu River.

Photo/Shunyi Tourism

Tent town on the hotel lawn It is divided into a sales area, a consumption area, a reading area, a self-built area, a free punch-in area and a water play area. The consumption area can only be used by guests who purchase event packages on the spot or have food and beverage consumption. There will be queues during peak passenger flow. Depending on the location, you can use the punch-in photo area for free without any consumption.

Address: No. 37, Yuzhuang Section, Gaosi Road, Gaoliying Town, Shunyi District, Beijing

# Grand Canal Forest Park

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The Grand Canal Forest Park is located on both sides of the North Canal in Tongzhou New City. It starts from Luyang Bridge of the Sixth Ring Road in the north and ends at Wuyao Bridge in the south. The total length of the river is about 8.6 kilometers. It is a national AAAA tourist attraction.

< span>There are designated tent areas in the park, which are the three areas of the Grand Canal Amusement Park, the campsite, the vicinity of the Dongliumen Children’s Amusement Facility, and the Yangshulin of the Canal Breeze and Clean Governance Culture Theme Park. The tent area is currently closed, please pay attention to the official announcement for the opening time.

Address: Grand Canal Forest Park, Tonghuai Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing

# Elephant Heron Island Nature Paradise

Photo/Elephant Heron Island Nature Paradise

Dense woods, open lawns, clear lakes… Elephant Heron Island Nature Paradise can be said to be A hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park currently has tent camping areas, RV camping areas, outdoor picnics, parent-child paradise and other projects. Whether it is group building or family gatherings, Elephant Heron Island Nature Paradise is a good choice. Water gun battles, Frisbees, throwing pots… A variety of games are available, bringing tourists more interesting experiences.

Facing the evening wind and the sunset, sitting By the lakeside, friends and family chat and play games, play guitar, and enjoy stringing together~

Address: Village Tian, ​​Beitaitou, Pinggu Town, Pinggu District, Beijing No.1 Jian Road

# World Grape Expo Park

The World Grape Expo Park in Yanqing District, Beijing (referred to as “World Grape Garden”) is an excellent camping site with Haituo Mountain in the north, Guanting waters in the south, and Banquan Sports Park in the east.

picture/Topbond Starry Camp

The “Tuobang Starry Sky” camp in the World Grape Garden is only 15 kilometers away from the Badaling Great Wall. There are many wetlands and dense forests around it. The camp is divided into a large interactive area, a jungle camping area, a children’s activity and team building development area, a water project area, a farming and picking area, and a catering service area.

At the same time, there are also a wealth of water sports. Thrilling rafting or surfing, kayaking with rapids, interesting water breakthroughs, returning to nature and back-streaming camping… A variety of water sports can wash away the heat for tourists.

In mid-August every year, the World Vineyard gradually enters The picking period can be extended to the Mid-Autumn Festival. There are more than 1,000 kinds of grapes for tourists to pick, and they can also experience wine making, visit wine cellars, and experiencePastoral fun. Friends who like picking remember to meet at the World Grape Garden at the end of August~

Address: Xialufengying Village, Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing District, Beijing South 800m


I hope everyone can do “traceless camping” when camping and playing. At present, during the flood season, summer vacation and peak tourist season, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism reminds the general public and tourists to pay attention to the weather forecast before going out, try to reduce going out in rainy weather, and try not to play or camp in the mountains. At the same time, citizens and tourists should adhere to the epidemic prevention and control when they travel, strictly abide by various epidemic prevention regulations, conduct nucleic acid tests as required, and enter public places such as parks, scenic spots, scenic spots, supermarkets, hotels, homestays and other public places to cooperate with all staff to scan the code to measure the temperature. , Check the nucleic acid negative certificate; do not gather, do not get together, and minimize the risk of infection. Before traveling, please check whether the destination is normally open.