Miss Ye, have you lost your job? How is life?

When I was a child, there was a text “Sun Moon Lake” in the textbook. The text said, “Sun Moon Lake is very deep and the lake water is green. There is a beautiful island in the middle of the lake, which divides the lake water in half, and the north side is like a round sun, called Sun Lake; the south is like a crooked moon, called Moon Lake.”

So since I was a child, I looked forward to going to Treasure Island and seeing Sun Moon Lake with my own eyes.

Later, there was a song sung by Meng Tingwei, which spread to every campus and became popular all over the country. The lyrics said, ” When I come to Taipei to watch the rain in winter, maybe I will meet you…”.

There are also poems by Xi Murong, which were hand-copied and circulated among the students.

“If I could meet you on the hillside full of sagebrush flowers,

if I could

love once for a long time…


In 2015, my wish finally came true and I landed on Treasure Island.

Every time I see Lin Chiling on TV, I always feel that her voice is too loud and gentle.

It was only after I arrived at the treasure island that I realized that almost all the women on the island had that kind of voice, but to varying degrees.

The first island resident Ying Yi saw was the tour guide Miss Ye Ye, whose voice was actually stronger than Lin Zhiling It is also gentle and lingering, too soft, and it does sound uncomfortable at first.

After walking with me for a few days, I gradually get used to it, and I feel that the voice is very sweet and beautiful.

She said that she often heard mainland tourists talk about “mortgage loans”, but she never understood what “mortgage loans” were because they had never experienced it.

Sun Moon Lake, formed by the waters of Alishan and Yushan, is shaped like a full sun, and shaped like a bend The Moon Lake of the Moon was originally not connected. In 1934, the Japanese colonial government built a hydroelectric power station, named Sun Moon Lake No. 1 Power Station.

After the completion of the hydropower station, the water level was raised by more than 30 meters, submerging a large area of ​​land. Therefore, the Sun Lake on the north side and the Moon Lake on the south side were integrated into one, hence the name Sun Moon Lake.

After the two pools are connected, a small island called Lalu Island is formed in the center.

The yacht that Ying Yi and his party rode on, James Soong has also been on board, and there is a photo of the yacht driver and James Soong posted on the boat photo.

Ms. Yep said: The vast majority of tourists on the island are from the mainland. When the relationship between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is good, the tour guides are busy and their income is high; when the relationship between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is tense, they will lose their jobs. I hope that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait will be reunited peacefully soon! I don’t want war! Because as soon as the war begins, there is no way to retreat, and life and death are inexorable.

When can I visit Sun Moon Lake again?

The tallest building on the island is Taipei 101 Building, built in 2003, with 101 floors and a height of 508 meters. It is not only the tallest building in China, but also the tallest building in the world, and this record has been maintained for six years, and now ranks eighth among the tallest buildings in China.

The second tallest building on Treasure Island is the Kaohsiung 85 Building, built in 1997.

The sightseeing floor of Taipei 101 Tower is on the 89th floor, overlooking the cityscape of Taipei.

101 Building elevator, ceiling It is a twinkling star, as if swimming in the Milky Way, with a maximum speed of 1010 meters per minute, which was the fastest elevator in the world at that time.

In the 88th to 92nd floors of the building, the world’s largest anti-vibration damper was installed at that time, weighing 660 tons, which once held the Guinness World Record.

More than a decade later, the elevator speed and damper weight of the 101 Building are surpassed by the Shanghai Tower.

The National Palace Museum in Taipei is usually one of the check-in places to travel to Taiwan.

According to reports, the National Palace Museum in Taipei recently secretly conducted an “emergency evacuation and evacuation exercise” for national treasures.

In an emergency, where do you go?

On the eve of the victory of the liberation war, the Nationalist government selected a total of 2972 ​​boxes of important cultural relics from the Palace Museum in Beijing and delivered them to Baodao .

In 1962, the construction of the National Palace Museum in Taipei began, and it was completed in the summer of 1965. The cultural relics finally had a fixed residence.

More than 700,000 cultural relics, Shang and Zhou bronzes, jades, ceramics, ancient books and documents, famous paintings and inscriptions of past dynasties are all rare treasures.

The Palace Museum in Taipei, the Palace Museum in Beijing, and the Nanjing Museum are also known as the three major museums in China.

When Ying Yi visited the National Palace Museum in Taipei, it was forbidden to take pictures and bring cameras into the museum.

The baby pillow in the exhibition hall is so cute that I couldn’t help taking a picture with my mobile phone and received a warm warning from the staff! There was no request to delete the photo, so it became the only photo taken in the exhibition hall, which is still preserved to this day.

The baby pillow is a treasure of Dingyao in the Song Dynasty. There is also one in the Palace Museum in Beijing.

The night before leaving Taipei, Yingzhi went to Eslite Bookstore alone.

The Eslite Bookstore, which is open 24 hours a day, is a miracle in the world.

There are not only books in the bookstore, but also the taste and spirit of humanities, creativity, art, and life. Reading is a noble thing.

Many people were accompanied by books by Sanmao, Qiong Yao, and Xi Murong in their youth.

Yingzhi bought some books, including Xi Murong’s poems, and Qi Bangyuan’s “Giant Flowing River”, which are in Mainland China is also published.

Especially “Juliuhe”, from Juliuhe in Liaoning Province, to the sea of ​​dumb mouths, with the chance of a strange woman, witnessing the turbulent years of war and the changes of the times, it is heart-warming to read.

After a few days, the return date has come.

Ms. Yep said that every time she said goodbye to mainland tourists, she would cry sadly because she did not know when the normal exchanges would be suddenly interrupted.

Miss Yeh took us to Taoyuan Airport, saw her waving to us, then wiped away the tears, the tears were pouring down, and then suddenlyThen turn around and run away!

From August 2019, travel to Taiwan will be suspended.

A few months later, the epidemic broke out and the tourism industry was hit hard, and many tourism practitioners have switched to making a living.

Miss Ye Ye on the island, and many other tour guides, have you changed careers? How is life now?

Regardless of the changing circumstances of the world, I hope that people with good thoughts will live in peace and happiness!