Warmly celebrate the successful conclusion of the “Precise Diet Therapy Project Experience Activity” of the Grand Chateau Carmen

On November 26, the Genomics Proteomics Precision Food Therapy Industry Chain Project Experience Event was successfully held at Chateau Carmen. Mr. Huang Jiansong, a participant in the formulation of nutritional meal standards of the former Soviet Space Agency & NASA, combined proteomics, genetic science and nutrition, and used humorous language to show the charm of dietary therapy to the guests.

Teacher Huang talked about: in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other front-line In cities, although many people are doing big health, there are some misunderstandings about their cognition and operation of big health. Therefore, the idea of ​​establishing the “Proteomics Precise Diet Therapy Applied Medical Research Institute” was born, trying to help people solve their health problems through diet.

The core value of precision diet therapy is to teach people how to activate the defense mechanism, Complete the Great Wall of Health to achieve the ability to heal. Therefore, all the nutritious meals this time are carefully prepared and cooked by the staff of the research institute. The cooking oil used is extracted by ourselves, and the red wine is the mulberry multi-enzyme wine brewed by ourselves. The dishes are very nutritious and healthy.

With delicate and small dishes being Served on the table, the nutritious meal tasting session officially begins. While explaining the nutritional value of each dish, Mr. Huang taught everyone how to use ingredients to protect their health.

“Golden camellia tea is sweet without sugar , contains more than 400 kinds of organic substances, can be cooked with noodles and rice, and can be fully absorbed by the human body.”

“Sea Ling mushroom grows in On the coral reef, women absorb the nutrients in the sea, and women can become more beautiful after eating.”

“Vegetable tofu is made by falling on the ground Cooked Chinese cabbage has the strongest radiation resistance and the highest chlorophyll.”

< span>“Sweet and sour nutrient solution, athletes can run faster after drinking it, and ordinary people can open blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and let the eyesight Force becomes clear. “

“Beauty lotion can protect the gastric mucosa, bladder mucosa, and uterine mucosa, which is 700 times stronger than hyaluronic acid, especially for women , has great benefits. ”

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“Baked apples can protect the thymus and heart, 3~4 times better than ordinary apples before baking . ”

“Astronauts have a special meal that can make a day The heavy metals and pesticides in the food are removed, and the nutritional value is extremely high. ”

“Reminiscence of Suffering and Thinking of Beets” Nine-Pin Perfume Lotus : Put the rose sauce in the flower core, bite down, the bitter and sweet petal flower core has the effect of enhancing physical strength and clearing the mind.


The guests tasted a rich and nutritious meal while listening to Mr. Huang’s wonderful health knowledge sharing, and expressed their harvest.

Edison once said: The future doctor will not Drugs are given to patients instead to direct them to pay more attention to diet, maintenance, and the cause and prevention of disease. But for busy urbanites, health preservation is a big topic, and they don’t have much energy to focus on it. Teacher Huang saw people’s plight, so he used his professional knowledge to develop a complete diet therapy plan. As long as people are responsible for “eating”, diseases can be cured.

With the continuous development of social economy, people’s health is also more and more important. I believe that in the near future, precision diet therapy will become the main trend of daily diet and benefit mankind!