Want to quit drinking when you are old? Remember these four points, after the age of 50, you can drink occasionally

For most people, 50 is considered a big milestone in life. At this age, people’s metabolism speed drops, and various body functions slow down a lot. At this time, quitting alcohol became the biggest concern of the family.

According to the survey, The drinking rate of Chinese men is nearly 50%< /strong>, which means that on average, one out of every two men drinks alcohol, and middle-aged men have the highest drinking rate, more than 60%. The ratio is not low.

Excessive drinking is harmful to health” This sentence is known to almost everyone, but why is the drinking rate so high in China? I would like to make a few points.

1. Chinese wine table culture is prevalent. In China, where the wine culture has been around for a long time, baijiu is an indispensable part whether it is an ordinary gathering with friends or socializing at work. “Can drink” seems to be a necessary skill for Chinese men.

Second, liquor is addictive. According to statistics, 90% of middle-aged drinkers have thought of quitting alcohol, but most of them ended in failure. The key to not being able to quit is that with the increase in alcohol consumption, people’s alcohol addiction is also getting bigger and bigger.

So, do middle-aged people have to quit drinking when they reach old age? My advice is to look at the individual.

For some nonaddicted people, quitting alcohol is very simple, but for some heavy alcoholics For human beings, it is difficult to quit alcohol, and quitting alcohol in middle age is too much trouble, so it is better to take other measures to reduce the harm of drinking to the body.

Do the following 4 points well, even if you don’t quit drinking in middle age , It’s okay to have a few drinks every once in a while.

The first point: do not drink blended wine

Now on the market Fake wine is rampant, and many wineries shoddy as good and sell some baijiu blended with additives as pure grain wine at a high price. According to incomplete statistics, in such a bottle of blended wine , contains at least 10~20 kinds of additives, long-term drinking is harmful.

The second point: do not drink “urgent wine

There is a habit of drinking at the wine table. Before the dishes are served, the baijiu is drunk. But most of the baijiu has a high alcohol content, and it tastes spicy and exciting. This way of drinking hard is uncomfortable even for young people, let alone older middle-aged people.

Third point: don’t fight wine

For manytwenties and thirty For a young lad of 20 years old, heThey are keen on wine fighting, and regard it as proof of their drinking capacity, and they will have a sense of accomplishment if they win.

But in fact, when it comes to drinking, we should know how to slow and long flow reason. There are countless jokes on the Internet because of alcohol competition, and some even cause disputes and go to court.

As an old drinking buddy in his fifties, all aspects of his body are not as good as before. Excessive drinking is not only bad for his health, but also It’s not a good choice if you can’t show your old man’s demeanor.

The fourth point: drink more good wine brewed from pure grain

Baijiu brewed from pure grains, generally speaking, exquisite materials, exquisite craftsmanship, especially in the blending process < strong>Zero additives, high quality, even if you drink too much, it will not cause too much harm to the human body.

For elderly people, it is very important to find a suitable liquor, so what kind of liquor is more suitable? The following Mutai Houdao Wine is very good, you can try it.

This wine is produced in Maotai Town, Guizhou Province, brewed The man is Master Feng Xiaoning, one of the Eight Immortals of Moutai. In order to brew high-quality Maotai wine, Master Feng has worked hard from the selection of materials to the brewing process, so the brewed baijiu has a rich sauce and outstanding flavor.

In order to improve the quality of liquor, the winery selects local high-quality red sorghum, supplemented by the unique Chishui River, using This is where the wine is brewed. In terms of craftsmanship, Daqu Kunsha technology is used, and five-year-old wine is used as the base wine to blend.

The liquor of this wine is obviously hanging from the glass, smooth and delicate, and has a thick body, which will leave an endless aftertaste after drinking. It has a strong bouquet, with a distinct aroma of sauce and a hint of biscuit, flower and fruit. It has a unique flavor.

As a pure grain sauce wine, this The price of the wine is close to the people, which is a very good choice for middle-aged people to drink by themselves.

Finally, I still want to tell you that excessive drinking is harmful to your health, and I still hope that everyone drinks less in daily life Even if you drink, you must drink good wine.