Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda, is indomitable and has written a business legend with perseverance

Success has never been easy. Every successful entrepreneur has to go through many hardships and overcome obstacles before he can succeed. On the road of life, everyone wants to live a wonderful life, but few people can bear many hardships and boredom on the road to success, and Wang Jianlin of Wanda Group is one of them.

Those we want in life The joy of life is hidden in a box called tribulations. Only by withstanding the tempering of life and continuously increasing one’s own toughness can you lead to success. Only those with resilience can withstand the wind and rain. Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, is such a person. During his decades-long entrepreneurial journey, he has experienced countless difficulties and obstacles, and finally reached the Wonderful success.

Behind Wang Jianlin’s brilliant success, how many people can know his hardships. In the early days of his business, he took over an old city renovation project that had been put on hold for a long time, and a sum of 2,000 was needed to start the project. million in loans. At that time, just in time for the national rectification, Wang Jianlin went to dozens of banks but found nothing.

In order to get this loan, Wang Jianlin had a friend They drove to the downstairs of the president’s house to chase and chase them. In the late autumn night, they waited all night. When the cold was unbearable, they turned on the engine to warm up for a while, and then turned it off to save fuel, but they still got nothing.

On the second night, Wang Jianlin insisted on going again, but his good friend dissuaded him from going. At this time, Wang Jianlin went to stay for another night by himself, but returned without success. In desperation, Wang Jianlin had no choice but to find another way, which was to issue a bond with a promise of 1.4 times over two years and 20% per year. It is precisely because of this that Wang Jianlin brought Wanda back to life and faced the difficulties at that time.

Wang Jianlin relied on that tenacity to persevere, He was not discouraged in the face of difficulties, and finally won the first pot of gold on the road to entrepreneurship with this project.

Wang Jianlin’s entrepreneurial story is moving, but there are many hardships behind it. People must have resilience in order to show tenacious vitality and create the possibility of everything.

In countless times of adversity, Wang Jianlin has been honed and strengthened. He became more and more tenacious in his healing and healing, and it seemed that the difficulties in the past had turned into a powerful force, and finally showed the world the now-famous Wanda business empire, and his perseverance and indomitable tenacity also established us example.

If we want to be successful, we can learn from the entrepreneurial experience of these successful entrepreneurs and put in a hundredfold effort, so as to get the best of our life.