Wang Jianlin successfully created the “star of the century” in the business world with endurance and persistence

If a person wants to do something successfully, he needs endurance and persistence. Endurance is supported by persistence, and persistence is assisted by endurance, so that it can play a better role. Although it will be a bit painful to persist in the process of success, as long as you have endurance, you will be able to persist to the end and succeed in the end. Wanda Chairman Wang Jianlin has done all of these. He was born in the military and led the innovation and development of the company with his great wisdom to prepare for a rainy day, and finally created the brilliant Wanda business empire today.

For Wang Jianlin, his success is by no means accidental. With his true courage and wisdom, he finally realized Wanda’s step by step to become bigger and stronger. During this process, he also experienced hardships that ordinary people can’t imagine. For many years, Wang Jianlin has insisted on walking on the road of innovation. He dares to think and do, and goes forward bravely. Even if he falls, he will get up again and continue to move forward. Our own century-old enterprise goal is moving forward.

As the head of Wanda, Wang Jianlin was at his peak in 2013 , once surpassed Ma Yun and Li Ka-shing to become the richest man in China, and his assets are even involved in overseas real estate, entertainment, sports and other industries, which can be described as unparalleled in the limelight.

As the so-called life is impermanent, Wang Jianlin, who experienced setbacks in 2017, officially led Wanda to start the transformation of light assets after a series of operations to accumulate strength, and divided light assets into two categories: one is The investment type Wanda Plaza, and the second is the cooperation type Wanda Plaza. As soon as the news came out, it caused quite a stir in the business circle. Wang Jianlin’s determination and courage brought a new turning point for Wanda’s development, and Wanda’s development momentum became more and more rapid afterwards.

It can be said that Wanda Group has stepped into the era of real estate dividends every step of the way. Wanda, which started as a real estate company, has also made many brilliant achievements, such as the 200-meter-high urban high-rise adjacent to Buckingham Palace and the London Eye in London, England; another example is the construction of the Jewelry Three Towers project on the Gold Coast of Australia and the comprehensive landmark project in Sydney; another example is located in A comprehensive landmark project constructed by Wanda in the United States, including luxury apartments and Wanda brand hotels. Wanda has created brilliant performances time and time again, making it a star of the century that cannot be ignored.

Wanda Group’s development can be described as ups and downs. Not being overwhelmed by difficulties, but becoming more and more courageous, this kind of courage is very human, and this kind of persistent entrepreneurial spirit is more worth learning.