Community unblocking note

My daughter works as a doctor in Beijing. Some time ago, two interns in the hospital did not comply with the hospital’s requirement of “hospital-home two points and one line”, and went outside to eat sheep and scorpions without permission. When they came back, the two of them became “yang”. According to the flow, the two interns went to two operating rooms in the hospital, ate in the doctor’s cafeteria, and took the doctor’s elevator up and down. Afterwards, the investigators checked the videos of the operating room, the cafeteria and the elevator, identified all the people in the video, and installed a magnetic door on the door of the house as a close connection to isolate them. At the same time, the two operating rooms were also closed. Shrink the scale of admitted patients. Five days later, the quarantine period expired, and the doctors went to work normally.

Just a few days after work, my daughter was on duty in the hospital that day, and suddenly received a notice that two positive cases were found in the building where she lived, and the whole building was closed Woke up. Fortunately, my daughter has basic daily necessities in the duty room of the hospital, so she simply lives in the hospital’s department. However, living in a hospital department is always not as convenient as staying at home, so I still want to go home to get some things, but I am worried that I will be locked in the building and cannot come out after returning home, so I started a long and complicated “consultation process” road”.

First, the neighbors in the WeChat group in the building asked each other when and how to unblock. But most of them just whined and couldn’t think of any way to do it. The rest of the information is to show off the cooking skills that are sealed at home, and the debate on the epidemic policy. Since the daughter was not confined at home, her mentality was far less anxious than the neighbors in the building. But considering that I want to go home to pick up things, I still hope to unblock it.

My daughter is a doctor. One thing she doesn’t understand is that even medical staff like them don’t wear protective clothing, including many medical staff in professional infectious disease hospitals. Wear level 3 protective clothing, but only wear level 1 protection. But she was surprised to find that even the doorkeepers at the gate of the community, the vegetable bag distributors, and other people who were unlikely to be exposed to the virus were all dressed in “big white”. I really don’t know who came up with these ideas.

Because my daughter wanted to go home, she started calling to consult with the formulation and implementation department of the lockdown policy. She first learned the phone number of the staff at the gate of the building from a neighbor’s WeChat group, and then began to call these specific staff to ask how to unblock them. The staff replied that we were only following the instructions of the superior. So, his daughter asked him who his superior was and what his phone number was. The man said that they listened to the instructions of the community, and the daughter asked which person in the community gave instructions, and did they have a phone number? Afterwards, she called the community work station. During the call, she first reported her home, told the person at the community work station her name and which building she lived in, and then clearly told the person that the call would be recorded throughout to prevent misunderstandings. Then she began to ask the people at the community workstation about the relevant policies, and who to turn to for further consultation if she couldn’t tell. The people in the community saw that the speaker was speaking in a gentle tone and the whole process was recorded, and answered her questions one by one with a good attitude, telling her She wanted to listen to the sub-district office, and the daughter then asked who the office was looking for, and did she have a phone number?

After consulting the community, my daughter talked about the consultation situation in the group of the whole building, and some people in the group began to contact her privately, preparing to report related issues together. Because, it is said that their building was closed because there were two positive cases, but no one knew what happened to the two positive cases, and no one explained to the residents. They just asked the community to send two Individuals sit at the door of the building and residents are not allowed to go out.

After consulting the community, the daughter followed the clues provided by the community staff to find the sub-district office. The same words were still used, that is, to inform the other party of the phone number Record the whole process, and then ask to know the reason for being banned and the policy and time for unblocking. The people in the office said that this matter was under the control of the district CDC, so she politely asked how to contact the CDC and who to ask for information.

Finally found the CDC, she still told the other party that the call would be recorded, and then used a doctor’s more professional consultation method to find out why it was blocked. The people from the CDC were also very polite and calmly communicated with her about the situation. It turned out that the two positive cases were discovered separately during two days of testing, and the latter ones were detected after they were sent to the shelter because of close contact. The daughter then consulted with the CDC staff whether the previous detection time should be used as the starting time of the lockdown. In the end, the CDC staff also felt that what she said was reasonable, so they replied that she would unblock her as soon as possible.

After putting down the phone, the daughter immediately reported the news to the neighbors in the group, telling everyone that the lockdown would be lifted soon. Sure enough, in the afternoon of that day, their building was officially unsealed, and their daughter finally returned home.

Afterwards, my daughter carefully reviewed the process of this round of consultation, and felt that the communication was calm, rational, and professional, as well as the whole process of recording and accurately asking the specific person who should be consulted. , These are the keys to promoting unblocking this time.

Actually, these practices are not only for blocking and control issues, but also for other problems.