Wang Jianlin believes that excellent entrepreneurs must have the ability to innovate

In today’s fierce competition, people pay more and more attention to the importance of creativity and innovation. Without innovation, we can only stay where we are, thinking To be successful, innovation is key. The fundamental reason why many friends who are on the road to entrepreneurship fail repeatedly is that they only imitate but do not innovate. When they see what others are doing to make money, they follow it and copy it. The result can be imagined.

Wanda Group, as a real estate company that has maintained rapid growth for more than 30 years, can be described as As we all know, Chairman Wang Jianlin is also a successful entrepreneur in China. He has topped the list of the richest man in China twice, and his business achievements cannot be underestimated. In his 30 years of entrepreneurial career, Wang Jianlin has accumulated a lot of entrepreneurial experience. Whenever he encounters difficulties, he can always keep calm and face them, overcome all obstacles and forge ahead, leading the company to develop forward time and time again, and go far.

When Wang Jianlin summed up his successful experience, he said that innovation is the driving force behind him to get to where he is today. As early as five years ago, Wang Jianlin revealed that Wanda will definitely implement an asset-light strategy in the future, and practice is the only criterion for testing the truth. Facts have proved that he has unique insights.

Wang Jianlin believes that a qualified entrepreneur must have the ability to innovate, Only in this way can enterprises go further and more stably. Relying on continuous innovation and far-sighted long-term strategic planning, Wang Jianlin led Wanda to achieve qualitative leaps again and again, opening up a new development path for the development of the enterprise.

For example, Wanda has carried out many Innovation, from the single-store model of the first Wanda Plaza in 2003 to the comprehensive store model of the second-generation enterprise, and then to the third-generation Wanda Plaza after 2005, which stood out for the first time and creatively combined outdoor and indoor pedestrian streets with commercial centers Combined to form a huge urban complex, and now we have witnessed the splendor of the new fourth-generation Wanda Plaza.

The new generation of Wanda Plazas has undergone comprehensive upgrades in terms of scenes, technology, and content, and fully utilizes modern information and advanced service concepts to provide consumers with unprecedented in-depth Immersive consumer experience.

Innovation is the key for an enterprise to adapt to the torrent of the times and keep moving forward. Under the leadership of the company, they have mastered the development code of the times and gradually become bigger and stronger. In the future, I believe that Wanda will have a broader blue ocean.