The unique “Cream Workshop” kicked off the third Asian “West Point Show”

Having been in contact with baking for many years, I am no stranger to high-quality French butter. All strive for excellence to ensure the best presentation in terms of taste, texture and freshness.

Bringing rich sensory enjoyment

The flowers of the north are like winter the northern snowfields. The lower layer of chocolate biscuits is crispy with a layer of chocolate on the outside, and the top is “Calvados Chantilly Cream” based on French whipped cream. The rich and mellow chocolate aroma, the smooth and delicate French cream of Calvados wine bring a rich sensory enjoyment.

Opened at Park Hyatt Shenzhen

These two exquisite French desserts are from The pastry creator of Ferrandi in Paris, Mr. Li Xiaotian (Ciel Li), as a loyal lover of French cream, interprets it in the most straightforward way of expression. The theme of “Tomorrow’s Classics” pays tribute to classics and reinvents them. This unique cream workshop kicked off the third Asian Pastry Show (PASTRYSHOW). Sponsored by the European Union, the event was hosted by the French National Dairy Industry Association (CNIEL) and kicked off at the Park Hyatt Shenzhen a month ago.

Surging emotions with cream

Famous French dessert chef Gaëtan FIARD, in the form of a video The theme of this event, and the unique value of French cream, and to create inspiration for tomorrow’s classic West Point Childhood Walk Baladed’enfance. Teacher Li Xiaotian’s West Point Show is the main part of the Chinese unit. Committed to sharing the wonderful taste and professional knowledge of French cream, igniting the surging emotions of pastry chefs and baking lovers around the world towards pastry and cream.

Different oriental style

West point show, why did you choose to make this dish” Barbarossa”? First of all, this is a very classic French dessert, and I want more people to know about it. The bottom of the Baba cake on the lower layer is actually the practice of bread. The moistened bread is dotted with creamy dessert, which is simple but delicious. Secondly, this is an innovative Barbarossa specially added with rose wine from Tianjin, which brings a different oriental flavor to the traditional dessert from Europe.

< br/>In fact, butter is produced in many places in Europe. Compared with it, what do you think is the characteristic of French butter? As creamy as red wine, it can also be traced back to terroir. France has a well-developed breeding industry, which comes from good dairy cows raised on pastures with good climate and good water and soil. From milk to cream French are excellent. Among the cream ingredients, which ingredients are dynamic and will change in intervals? You can see that the 35% on the outer box indicates the fat content of this cream. Different brands, or the milk fat content of the same brand are subdivided. In fact, the pasture changes throughout the year, the milk of the cow will affect the creaminess, and the oleic acid will have a slightly different flavor.