Video story|Century-year-old Menghua Street is renovated, and residents will realize their dreams of a new home

“Menghua Street” in the old city of Huangpu District is a very poetic name. It is no stranger to Shanghainese, and it is less than the most prosperous Bund in Shanghai 2 km. To the north of Confucian Temple Road, it starts from Liujiang Street in the east and ends at Zhonghua Road in the west, with a total length of only 425 meters and a history of 110 years. The houses on this more than 400-meter-long street are full of traces of time, including Shikumen, new-style lanes, western-style single-family villas, shanty houses, etc. On both sides of the crowded street, you can experience the daily routine of the residents in the street. It has the flavor of old Shanghai and the atmosphere of life. Walking on this old street that has remained unchanged after a century of changes in Shanghai, it seems to listen to it telling the story of Shanghai’s century-old vicissitudes.

The Menghua Street area is surrounded by old houses built in the last century . The high-density living environment, dilapidated houses, and multi-family kitchens and bathrooms can realize the old renovation as soon as possible, which has become the biggest expectation of the residents of Menghua Street. Last year, the old Penglai Road plot below the second grade started the old renovation, involving a part of Menghua Street. The residents who were on board the old renovation were happy and moved to new homes one after another. The more than 3,000 residents who had not yet boarded were envious. Not long ago, they also received good news: the plot was included in the scope of the first sporadic old renovation project in Huangpu District. In the first round of consultation on the willingness to change the old one launched on November 10, the approval rate for the old one exceeded 98%.

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Walking into Menghua Street seems to be walking into a place that does not belong to this era. Barber shops, sewing shops, car repair booths and other small shops that are not seen outside can be found here. In the sky is an intricate network of electrical wires, and beneath the wires are rows of laundry hanging to dry. Battery cars and bicycles are parked on both sides of the road.


Independent coal guard missing Facilities, crowded and cramped, the average household area is only more than 10 square meters, and the renting ratio of foreigners exceeds 45%… The space in the alley is already so small, and the situation in the residents’ homes is even worse. A single bed, a small dining table, a The wardrobe is almost the standard configuration of every ten square meter household. In the early years, there was no toilet on wheels, and it is still carrying the toilet.

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The second round of signings for the old renovation of the Menghua Street plot will start next year. The noisy old city is now extremely quiet. Many shops and homes have already moved out, leaving the buildings empty. The dream of Menghua Street is finally no longer a dream. I wish the people in the old street a dream of a new home.