During the year-end inspection, what projects did the district CPPCC members see?

Recently, members of the CPPCC District Committee of the CPPCC adopted a combination of on-site inspections and listening to reports, focusing on the three major aspects of “high-quality development, high-quality life, and efficient governance” Special topic, carry out inspection at the end of 2022. District Political Consultative Conference Chairman Chen Zhiqi, Vice Chairman Lu Jing, Li Yuan, Ma Mei, Hu Kaiyan, District Political Consultative Conference Leader Huang Wei, Secretary-General Yu Ming and others participated in the inspection activities. Wang Nai, Lin Jingjun and others participated.


Since this year, the district The district government resolutely implements the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, efficiently coordinates epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and continuously promotes the high-quality and balanced development of social undertakings. On the same day, the “social undertakings” group headed by Chen Zhiqi and Yu Ming first listened to the special briefing by Yuan Yuan, the deputy head of the district, and then went to Datong Junior High School and Xiangxing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to conduct on-site inspections. The “community service” group headed by Li Yuan first listened to the briefing on community service by the deputy head of the district, Lin Jingjun, before the inspection. Afterwards, the committee members successively inspected the catering center of Guangming Village and the party-mass service station of Yile Life Street, Wuliqiao Street. The committee members affirmed the achievements made in the development of social undertakings in Huangpu District this year.

< span>In 2022, the whole district will focus on the main development line of “new peak of function and new benchmark of quality”, strive to overcome the adverse effects brought by the epidemic, and go all out to promote various key tasks of urban construction and management. Before the inspection, the committee members listened to the report on urban construction and management in our district in 2022 made by Hong Jiliang, member of the Standing Committee of the district committee and deputy head of the district. Subsequently, the “Urban Construction” team, led by Lu Jing, went to the Fuxing Park Renovation Project, Fuxing Square Reconstruction Project – INS Youth Block to conduct on-the-spot inspections. The “Urban Renewal” group, led by Hu Kaiyan, inspected the construction project of beautiful homes in Yongfeng Village and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. The committee members spoke highly of the achievements made in various key tasks in the construction and management of Huangpu City this year.

In 2022, the region’s economic operation The fundamentals are stable and improving, the economic recovery trend is obvious, and the agglomeration effect of leading enterprises is becoming more and more obvious. On the same day, the committee members first listened to the special briefing made by Wang Nai, the deputy head of the district, and then the “business adjustment” group led by Ma Mei Next, they inspected the Yuyuan Mall Huabao Building and Yuyuan Mall Tianyu Building (Congcong Store) format adjustment projects. The “Business Integration” team, led by Huang Wei, inspected the Shamei Building and Baikong Hong Kong Road projects. The members said that , This year, Huangpu insisted on both epidemic prevention and the economy, and took multiple measures to stabilize the economic market. It was not easy.

< span> This year’s end-of-year inspection, through the form of “notification + on-the-spot investigation”, further let the members of the CPPCC know the government, understand the situation of the district and the people, accumulate materials for writing proposals, social conditions and public opinion information, and lay the foundation for better economic and social development in Huangpu A solid foundation.