Notice to Residents of Huangpu District

Notice to residents of Huangpu District

Citizens and friends:

In accordance with the city’s relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, in order to further meet the needs of residents in the district for regular nucleic acid testing, our district has now decided to carry out two community tests on Thursday (December 1) and Sunday (December 4). Convenient nucleic acid testing service. The convenient nucleic acid test on Thursday is scheduled from 18:30-20:30; the convenient test on Sunday is scheduled from 9:00-11:00, and the specific time will be arranged by the street in combination with the actual situation. All residents are requested to participate in an orderly manner according to the arrangement of the street where they live, and the risk areas and temporary control areas are screened according to relevant regulations.

During the sampling process, residents and friends are requested to wear masks in a standard manner, strictly maintain a distance of 2 meters, and take personal protection. After sampling, please leave in time, do not gather or stay.

Normalized nucleic acid sampling points facing the society are open as usual that day.

Residents are requested to actively participate in nucleic acid sampling according to the arrangement of the street where they live, and jointly protect the hard-won results of epidemic prevention. Thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation!

New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic in Huangpu District Prevention and Control Work Leading Group Office

November 30, 2022