Variety of food, reasonable mix

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In recent years, the nutritional and health status of Chinese residents has improved significantly, but they still face problems such as the coexistence of undernutrition and overnutrition, and the frequent occurrence of nutrition-related diseases. The unreasonable dietary structure of residents, especially adults, is closely related.

1982-2015yearsMonitoring of nutrition and chronic disease status of Chinese residents span> and 1989-2015China Health and According to the data from the Nutrition Survey, the dietary structure of Chinese residents has undergone major changes over the past few decades. main food. But there is an increase in the intake of animal foodsInsufficient consumption of whole grains and whole grains, vegetables and fruits, beans and soy products, milk, and too much cooking oil and salt The problem. At the same time, the prevalence of nutrition-related diseases such as overweight, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes in Chinese residents is increasing rapidly, and it has become a serious public health problem. . And a balanced diet can meet the needs of normal growth and development, immunity and physiological functions of the human body to the greatest extent, meet the supply of energy and nutrients of the body, and reduce cardiovascular disease, hypertension, 2type diabetes, colorectal cancer and other diet-related diseases.

Diverse food< blockquote>

Diversity of food refers to three meals a day with a wide variety of foods and a variety of samples, which is the basis of a balanced diet.

We usually eat five categories of food: grains, potatoes, vegetables and fruits Fish custard, soybeans and nuts, cooking oil and salt. Three meals a day should include these types of foods. There are many varieties of each type of food. On average, there are more than 12 types of different types of food per day and more than 25 types per week (cooking oil and condiments are not counted).

#practical skills 01

food variety Change often

There are many varieties of each food that can be interchanged with each other, such as sweet potatoes and potatoes.

02select “Small serving” eating

Selecting “Small serving” can eat more variety and more nutritious food while keeping the same energy.

03Diverse food distribution to each meal

Food can be distributed according to three meals a day, with at least 3~5 items for breakfast and 4~6 items for lunch , dinner 4~5 kinds, snack 1~2 kinds.

Rational collocation

Rational collocation refers to the rational distribution of food types and weights in three meals a day. Reasonable collocation is the guarantee of a balanced diet. The pagoda of balanced diet for Chinese residents is a concrete manifestation of the reasonable matching of the types and weights of the five major categories of food.

“responsive” sizes=”(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw” src=”″strong data-img=”60″ width brushtype=”text”>200~300g of cereals per day

50~150g of whole grains and beans; recommended to include cereals in meals; Eat whole grains or beans once a day; when eating out , remember to eat staple food. Pairing legumes and cereals can improve the utilization of protein.

Yam 50~100g

Potatoes and sweet potatoes can be made by steaming, boiling, roasting, etc., or you can directly purchase potato products.

vegetables 300~500g, fruits 200~350gm every day

Rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, it is recommended to choose vegetables and fruits of different shades, especially dark vegetables.

Animal food per day 120~200g

Rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, but also high in fat and cholesterol. Guaranteed at least twice a week of aquatic products, one egg per day.

daily milk and dairy products 300~500g, soy and nuts 25~35g:56666>< ">You can choose from different forms of milk and dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. It is recommended to eat soybeans and their products often, and eat nuts in moderation.

oil 25~30g per day, salt<5237

Pay attention to cultivate light eating habits and avoid excessive intake of oil and salt.

#practical skills01

  weight and thickness

The staple food should be increased with whole grains and miscellaneous legumes, such as the two rice and eight-treasure porridge that you usually eat.

02Meat and Vegetarian


Meat and vegetables refer to animal food and plant food respectively. There must be meat and vegetables, so that meat and vegetables are matched, such as assorted casserole.

03Light and dark combinations

The colors of different foods represent the plants in the food Different chemicals and nutrients can be used to match the color of different foods.

In a word, food is diverse and colorful, we must choose and use it appropriately, so as to achieve a variety of food and reasonable combination.

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