Vaccines are not trustworthy, it’s okay not to be vaccinated? Acidic constitution is the source of all diseases? stop believing

Vaccines are not trustworthy, is it okay not to get them?

Acid constitution is the source of all diseases?

Many arguments that sound reasonable

Is this true?


Time to bust these health myths one by one!

< span>1. Acidic constitution is the source of all diseases?

The “acid-base constitution” itself is a pseudo-theory. The human body undergoes metabolism all the time, and many of these reactions are very sensitive to pH, but the human body has an effective adjustment system to keep the pH value basically stable and only fluctuate within a small range.

As for “acidic constitution” If you give birth to a girl, you will have an alkaline constitution to give birth to a boy.” This is even more nonsense.

< span>2. Can hot lemonade fight cancer?

There is currently no scientific evidence that lemons can kill cancer cells.

As for how lemonade can The first point has already been said about changing the acidity and alkalinity of the human body. The statement of changing the acidity and alkalinity of the human body is a fallacy. Eating any food doesn’t change the body’s pH, and even drinking vinegar doesn’t make the body more acidic.

< span>3. Can grapefruit peel remove formaldehyde?

Is formaldehyde so easy to beat? The grapefruit peel is just a trick with its own flavor.

4. Putting onions in the room can prevent the flu?

No food will actively absorb germs. There is no scientific basis for the claim that “relying on the smell of onions to kill germs and prevent influenza”.

5. Does the X-ray security scanner in the station emit a lot of radiation?

The luggage security inspection equipment used in subways and airports has passed the radiation test and will not harm the human body.

< span>6. Does drinking coffee cause cancer?

According to the article in the journal “Food and Chemical Toxicology”, when the human body consumes 2.6 micrograms to 16 micrograms of acrylamide per kilogram of body weight per day, there is a risk of cancer. According to this calculation, a person weighing 55 kg, the daily tolerance of acrylamide is 143 micrograms.

a 160ml cup of coffee , the average acrylamide content is 0.45 micrograms, and drinking at least 318 cups a day may cause cancer risk.

< span>7. Vaccines are not trustworthy, it’s okay not to be vaccinated?

As of now, vaccines are humanity’s most powerful weapon against infectious diseases. At present, the reason why my country can control the incidence of diphtheria, whooping cough and neonatal tetanus at a low level depends on the extremely high vaccination rate.

Vaccination is safe , the benefits far outweigh the possible harms. A broad, robust defense can only be developed if enough people are vaccinated.

< span>8. Atomization is the abuse of antibiotics, which is more harmful than infusion?

Atomization therapy is not an antibiotic or a certain class of drugs. Compared with oral or intravenous infusion, it has a faster onset and better effect, and has a high local drug concentration.The overall dose is small. Therefore, with few adverse reactions and high safety, it is an ideal method for clinical treatment of respiratory diseases.

9. Cleaning your teeth will damage your teeth?

Tooth cleaning is not to whiten teeth, but to remove bacteria and calculus on the tooth surface. As for the enlargement of the gap between the teeth and the loosening of the teeth, it means that there is a problem with the teeth. It is very likely that the gums have begun to shrink, which is caused by the periodontal disease itself. If the tartar is not removed in time, the situation will only get worse.

< span>10. Can brushing teeth whiten teeth?

Cleaning is to whiten, but brushing is mainly for bacteriostasis.

Many toothpastes have blue Color tinting particles that can slightly improve the color of the teeth. Others have bleaching ingredients, polishing particles, but the whitening effect is short-lived.

11. Do household energy-saving lamps cause harm to the human body?

The test results of authoritative testing institutions at home and abroad show that the long-wave ultraviolet rays in the energy-saving lamps will not penetrate the dermis of the human body.

In general, As long as the qualified energy-saving lamps meet the Chinese standards, the ultraviolet radiation can be controlled within a safe range and will not cause damage to the human body.

One energy saving lamp There are only a few milligrams of mercury in the lamp, and it is enclosed in the lamp. Even if the lamp is broken, hundreds of lamps will be broken at the same time, and in a small closed environment, it is possible for all of them to be inhaled by one person. Humans cause harm, the probability of such an event happening is almost zero.

< span>12. Bottled mineral water becomes dangerous water after 3 days of opening?

In the general environment, there are about 3000 bacteria in every cubic meter of air. After the bottled water is opened, it will naturally have bacteria after being in contact with the air for a period of time. But that doesn’t mean that bottled water can’t be drunk anymore. In fact, bacteria is just a general term, they are divided into beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria and bacteria that are neither beneficial nor harmful to the human body. In fact, only in extreme cases, such as epidemics, will pathogenic bacteria enter the bottled water through the air; at other times, the bacteria in the air will not affect the drinking of bottled water.

The water dispenser must be Put it in a ventilated, cool, dark place, never place it in direct sunlight, so as not to breed green algae (the air will contain traces of green algae spores). After the bottled water is opened, it is best to drink it within 10 days in autumn and winter, and within 7 days in spring and summer. In places with fewer people, small barrels can be used instead.

< span>13. The heavier the residual hot pot smell in the clothes, the more additives?

Some people may be more sensitive to odors, and certain clothing materials may be more easily adhered to odors. In addition to other external factors, the amount of additives added cannot be estimated solely based on the residual odor on the clothes. As for the detection of additive content, it should be carried out by professionals using professional instruments.

< span>14. Frequent urination means that the kidneys are not good?

Different people’s kidneys, the water circulation speed is fast or slow, the circulation is fast and easy to urinate more, which is normal.

Of course, bladder size It also affects the frequency of urination.

But seriously, don’t hold back!

15. Don’t put your phone on the bedside when you sleep?

If the phone is not on the bedside, how can I turn off the alarm clock in the morning?

Even a charging phone will not radiate to the brain when placed on the bedside. span>

16.O type Blood attracts more mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes can’t see the difference in antigens in human blood, so they can’t distinguish between different blood types.

It may just be more carbon dioxide and more sweaty foot odor.

17. Chicken buttocks have carcinogens and can’t be eaten?

There are only two kinds of “lymph glands” on the buttocks that cannot be eaten, but they will be removed during regular slaughter, and there will be no other harmful substances. Take it out and eat it at ease.

< span>18. Is it safest to have insect eyes on vegetable leaves?

The presence of insect eyes only means that the vegetables have been damaged by insects, which does not mean that they have not been treated with pesticides.

A moderate application of pesticides is In order to ensure safety, don’t talk too much about the discoloration of “pesticides”.

< span>19. Peanut red clothes can replenish blood?

Eat the meat well, it is hundreds of times stronger.

Peanut Red does Contains some beneficial ingredients, but the amount is very limited, meaning little.

If you want to eat the skin Eat, or vomit if you don’t want to eat.

< span>20. Can’t eat fruit after meals?

Fruits can be eaten anytime, on an empty stomach or with meals.

Just before meals It’s easy to get full.

Save for after meals As for eating, it may be easy to be eaten up by others first, you choose!

21. Sleeping on the left side, will it press on the heart?

Almost everyone believes this one, right?

is actually on the left Sleeping only causes numbness in the left arm. The heart is surrounded by ribs and is not easily compressed in any direction.

< span>22. Birth month determines which disease you are prone to get?

You believe this too? !

Sickness, there are too many factors, but it is attributed to ” Birth month” This kind of metaphysics… is too lazy! Don’t give up!

< span>23. Exercise for more than 30 minutes to burn fat?

Isn’t the way to and from get off work not doing work? Did you borrow Sun Dasheng’s somersault cloud?

Just move , will consume fat and glycogen. If you want to exercise, hurry up, don’t be scared by this sentence.

< span>24. Liver to detox at 11pm?

First, the human body really does not have a “detox schedule”; second, it doesn’t need to detox.

See you next time When it comes to the word “detox”, turn around and run.

But go to bed early at night Still necessary.

< span>25. The belly button must not be picked?

It’s fine to dig twice, but the hands must be clean and the movements should be light.

Too heavy , it may trigger visceral nerve reflexes, and it may be… plucked.

< span>26. Higher hairline is smarter?

The hair belongs to the hair, the brain belongs to the brain, the two things do not go hand in hand!

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