Use it to remove dampness, use it to thin the stomach, use it to scrape the intestines, and use it for pregnant women and children to stop diarrhea.

Rice, in many people’s opinion, is a bowl of rice to satisfy one’s hunger. But for thousands of years, why has rice become a staple food? Why is it called “the head of the five grains”?

Because rice can not only satisfy hunger, but also has excellent nutrition. Chinese medicine believes that rice is sweet and flat, and has the effects of invigorating the middle and replenishing qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing the essence and strengthening the will, harmonizing the five internal organs, clearing the blood vessels, clearing the ears, improving the eyes, and stopping irritability, quenching thirst, and stopping diarrhea. Modern nutrition shows that rice contains more than 90% of the nutrients required by the human body.

Fry rice and turn it into an elixir

In addition to steaming and cooking porridge, fry the rice Now, it is still a blind medicine. It strengthens the spleen and removes dampness, and has effects on indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation.

It can not only stop diarrhea quickly, but also clear the intestines and scrape poison. Adults use it to lose weight, and children use it to strengthen the spleen and appetizers. Diarrhea effect.

Not only pregnant women can use it, but babies can also use it, which shows how safe this medicine is.

1 spleen and detoxification

Why fry the rice? Because after the rice is fried into brown, the starch contained in the rice is destroyed and decomposed into activated carbon.

Everyone knows that activated carbon can absorb moisture, odor, and dirt, and fry rice. Harmful substances are excreted from the body.

2 Slimming and belly reduction

Jiaomi tea is made of five grains, and five grains are the nutrients, which is the most important part of the human body It can replenish vitality and is the most basic nutrient.

The calorie of coke rice tea is very low, and it is rich in vitamin C, B2, B6, etc. , can improve metabolism and protect the spleen and stomach.

3 Removing dampness and preventing ulcers

The burnt rice after frying has a certain function of removing dampness and can purify body, prevent dermatitis and eczema. Rice bran and wheat husks such as brown rice and barley are rich in vitamins and minerals, which can prevent oral ulcers.

4 Peace of Mind

The popular brown rice tea in Japan is actually adding Japanese-style green tea to the fried rice, and the tea is fragrant and the rice is fragrant. Blending with each other, the flavor is unique. If you add your favorite green tea to the homemade burnt rice tea, it is Chinese-style brown rice tea.

According to the website of “Medical Health Information”, black rice tea can inhibit excitement and help relieve mental stress, so it has been paid attention to in the treatment of insomnia and the improvement of mental symptoms.

5 ​​lowering blood pressure and lipids

Jiaomi tea also has the effect of lowering blood pressure and lowering lipids, and can promote metabolism, Therefore, it has recently been considered as a food that can improve living habits.

How to make fried rice

1. Take an appropriate amount of rice (the amount of rice is based on personal circumstances, It is best not to exceed a week’s amount), simply rinse the rice, drain the water, lay it flat on a plate, and dry it. It can be left to dry overnight, and it can basically dry. If the rice you buy is clean enough, you don’t need to wash it, so as to preserve the B vitamins in the rice as much as possible.

2. Heat the pan and pour in the rice (you can put a little oil to prevent sticking to the pan, if it is non-stick, you don’t need it).

3. Stir fry for 2 minutes on high heat, then turn to low heat and stir fry. Be sure to keep stirring to prevent burning. If necessary, you can lift the pan and lightly Shaking also helps the rice to heat up evenly.

4. Fry the browned rice and turn off the heat, and let it smell. Don’t rush out the burnt rice. Use the residual temperature of the pot to continue heating the burnt rice for a while, and put it in the pan. Store in airtight jars when cool.

Slim down and lose weight like this

Jiao rice is a very good The weight loss recipe of , especially ” scraping intestines, scraping oil”, often drinking burnt rice tea can also suck away the fat attached to the stomach and intestines and excrete it from the body.

Jiao Mi Tea:Take about 30 grams of jiao rice to brew, be sure to just boil it After soaking, it is best to simmer in a thermos cup for a while, drink burnt rice water, and burnt rice can also be eaten. Consistently eat it, it has the effect of strengthening the spleen and reducing the stomach.

Adults can drink burnt rice tea every day, and people who can eat rice can drink it, especially those with weak spleen and stomach. Whether it is constipation or diarrhea due to accumulated food, you can use coke rice tea to adjust.

You can also add half of the burnt rice to the porridge, which is easier to digest. It is very suitable for young children and the elderly with weak spleen and stomach.

Pregnant women eat like this to treat diarrhea

We normal people who have diarrhea usually take antidiarrheal medicine immediately , and diarrhea can be relieved soon. However, pregnant mothers are in a special period and cannot use drugs at will. However, severe diarrhea may cause uterine contractions and lead to miscarriage. If you dare not take medicine, you can drink burnt rice cereal if there are signs of diarrhea in the early stage.

Materials:Appropriate amount of millet, appropriate amount of sugar.

How to:Take an appropriate amount of millet, put it in a pot and put it on low heat Stir-fry until lightly yellow, grind into powder, add the right amount of water and sugar to boil the fried burnt rice until it becomes a paste, take it after a little cooling, 2-3 times a day.

Babies eat like this to strengthen the spleen and stop diarrhea

It is easy to have diarrhea. Clinically, taking Jiaomi Decoction instead of rehydration agent orally is effective in treating diarrhea. There are obvious effects. Babies who are over 8 months old with complementary food can use Jiao Mi Tang to stop diarrhea. The carbohydrates contained in rice (millet) after frying have astringent effect and can exert the effect of stopping diarrhea. p>

If the diarrhea is not enough to stop complementary food, you can cook rice noodles with burnt rice soup, which will heal faster and be more nutritious. If you stop complementary food, give it to your child directly Burnt rice soup, or burnt rice soup with boiled apple water.

Boiled rice porridge:

1.About half a cup of burnt rice, put the rice into a soup pot or milk pot, and pour the water to about 4/5.

2, Turn down the heat after the water boils to ensure that the rice soup is gushing all the time. Seams, otherwise it will be easy to dry the pot. It can also be boiled with the lid open, check it from time to time.

3, About boil Half an hour is enough, the rice soup is the best when it is browned and has a strong fried aroma. It can be poured out for the baby to drink as water, and the porridge can be eaten by adults, which is also good for the stomach.

Reminder:The brown rice that has just been fried cannot be boiled immediately; when it is cooled and boiled, cold water or warm water cannot be used. Instead, it must be boiled with boiling water, otherwise the brown rice grains will be boiled into “paste soup”.

When cooking the burnt rice soup, the water should be boiled until only half of the original amount is left. Take four bowls of water as an example, boil the water until there are two bowls left. The amount of water is considered to be cooked.

Eat like this for relieving menstrual pain

Coke rice and scented tea, and Menstrual regulation and health care can help regulate symptoms such as nervousness and fatigue during menstruation, and has the effect of refreshing and relieving fatigue and refreshing the stomach. It is suitable for drinking during menstrual period.

Jiao Mi Jasmine Tea: Rice 30g, Jasmine 12g. After the rice is fried for about 1 minute and 30 seconds, that is, almost the rice has been fried until it is browned, and the rice is put out, so that the burnt rice is ready. Take another tea cup, pour the burnt rice into the cup, sprinkle with jasmine flowers, pour in boiling water that is 80 to 90% full, let it sit for a while, and drink it when the fragrance wafts out.

Effects:This tea can help regulate menstrual nervous tension, fatigue and other symptoms, and has the effect of refreshing and relieving fatigue and refreshing the stomach It is suitable for menstrual drinking.

Fry rice until brown, which can not only stop diarrhea but also cure constipation. Adults eat it to lose weight and reduce belly, children eat it to strengthen the spleen and appetizers, and the elderly eat it to lower blood pressure and lower lipids , so amazing!