Experts from Shouguang People’s Hospital will popularize for you what is “evil qi returning to the interior”?

Xiao Wang is in a very bad mood recently. She has suffered from cervical spondylosis again. After trying several methods that worked in the past, she still hasn’t improved. No way, I finally decided to go to the rehabilitation medicine department known as the “third medicine”, and wanted to ask experts in traditional Chinese medicine to think of a way.

Xiao Wang told Director Wang of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine about his illness. I have had cervical spondylosis for many years. I usually ignore the stiffness and soreness of my neck and shoulders when I am busy at work, but the only thing I can’t stand is the dizziness and nausea that will occur after continuous work and tiredness. When I want to sleep at night I can’t sleep well, and I feel listless and yawning during the day, not to mention how uncomfortable it is! However, since there is no indication for surgery, only conservative treatment is carried out after each violation. Fortunately, the effect after timely treatment is also good.

But this time is clearly different! Xiao Wang recalled that it had been more than half a year since the last treatment. In mid-March, because there were several unexpected tasks that needed to be completed urgently, Xiao Wang worked in front of the computer for several days, day and night. , As a result, the work was completed as scheduled, but the cervical spondylosis was committed again, and dizziness and nausea started again. Lying down and resting and exercising moderately are not enough. In the past, taking a Chinese patent medicine would have worked, but this time the medicine did not work either. I went to shock wave therapy again. When I was sick before, I basically did one treatment and I would slowly get better. This time, it was only two days after the shock wave, and from the third day, I started to feel dizzy and nauseated again! Xiao Wang was tortured to the point of losing his temper, and went to the pharmacy to get Chinese medicine according to the famous doctor’s prescription and went back to decoct it by himself. The way, this came to the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.

“Director Wang, please help me with diagnosis and treatment! In addition, can you tell me what caused me this time? The methods that worked in the past didn’t work this time, not to mention the time. It has been delayed for more than half a month?” Xiao Wang looked at Director Wang in distress and confusion.

“Okay, let’s put the needle in first, and then I’ll tell you the reason slowly.” Director Wang already knew this. She took acupuncture equipment, etc., and put needles on Xiao Wang’s head, shoulders, neck, and hands, and told Xiao Wang: The reason why cervical spondylosis is easy to occur and easy to repeat at the turn of spring and summer is that this season Although it starts to get warmer, it will still be cooler in the morning and at night, especially when the weather is hot and cold, and the temperature difference is large. In addition, the spring wind seems to be gentle, but it is actually mixed with cold and damp evils. The cold wind in winter is even more threatening, which is the “evil qi returning to the interior” in Chinese medicine. She also reminded everyone that the weather changes rapidly at the turn of spring and summer, and it is easy to be cold and hot, so you must pay attention to taking off clothes, especially for people with cervical spondylosis. After local cold, the blood flow rate of the cervical spine decreases, which will induce cervical spondylosis.