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There were no new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Shaanxi on August 9

August 9 0- At 24:00, no new local confirmed cases, suspected cases or asymptomatic infections were reported.

From 0 to 24:00 on August 9, there were no new reports of imported confirmed cases, suspected cases, or asymptomatic infections, 2 cases were discharged from hospital, and 1 case was released from isolation and medical observation.

As of 24:00 on August 9, there are currently 4 cases of imported confirmed cases in hospital isolation and treatment, and 23 cases of asymptomatic infections under isolation medical observation.

Xi’an CDC issues important reminder

If Co-operate when receiving a flow call

but beware of being scammed

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Multiple cases announced

The general public should be vigilant

Prevent new fraudulent methods !

Recently, the domestic epidemic situation is complicated and severe, and the transfer team plays the role of investigators, intelligence officers, combatants and propagandists in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Criminals took the opportunity to implement new fraudulent methods. People in many provinces and cities have reported that fraudsters borrowed the name of “flow survey” to obtain personal information of citizens. Let us understand the “routine” of the scam and be more vigilant.

Fraud Case 1:

Ms. Wang received the following call in a certain place:

“I am a staff member of the CDC, According to the epidemiological data, you are a close contact. From now on, you should not go anywhere, and do not contact anyone. The public security organ will verify the information with you again later and pick you up for isolation. Please actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention work. You send a link, and you fill in your personal information according to the above content!”

fraud case 2:

Somewhere Mr. Li received the following Phone:

“Recently, because the number of big data travel cards has reached the limit, sometimes there will be system failures. I will send you a verification code. Don’t hang up and tell me the verification code directly, and it can be generated accurately. If you know your itinerary, you will know whether you are in close contact or not!”

Be vigilant! This link and verification code

is the verification information for bank card transfer,

don’t let scammers take advantage.

What are the questions on the flow call?

What is the correct posture to match the flow tone

Learn ahead

Hope you don’t use it

But be prepared!

Epidemiological investigation is an important means to find out the source of infection and curb the spread of the epidemic. In case of receiving a scam call, how to distinguish a scam call from a scam call? How to cooperate with the flow adjustment work in detail? The editor has compiled a “correct posture to match the flow”, collect it quickly!

I. How to identify the flow call?

At present, in addition to the disease control department as the main force to carry out the transfer work, many grass-roots workers are also participating in the survey work, so how to distinguish the transfer call?

1. Traffic calls are basically local mobile phone numbers or landlines, not overseas calls;

2. Traffic calls The call can be called back (even if the line is busy after the call back), scam calls cannot be called back normally;

3. The mobile phone will ask your identity ID, name, current address and itinerary, and questions related to illness, but never ask for bank card numbers, nor do they involve other personal privacy issues not related to illness.

4. The streamer will not let you download any APP, and will not let you turn on screen sharing;

5. < strong>The flow dispatcher will not send you a QR code to scan, send a link for you to click, ask for a password or verification code, ask for payment, ask to join a QQ group or WeChat group, etc.

6. Circulation will not allow you to transfer money and conduct so-called “fund verification” for any reason.

Second, what should I do if I receive a transfer call?

1. Keep calm and cooperate actively

If you are judged to be in close contact, it does not mean that you will be infected, please keep calm. Follow the advice of the flow team, strengthen personal protection, and wait for the next step of isolation control or nucleic acid testing.

2. Tell the truth and refuse to hide

Review your recent trip carefully and tell the truth.

Third, what should I ask during the flow adjustment?

1. Basic personal information: name, age, address, travel history, etc.;

2. New crown vaccination record: vaccination time, vaccine type, dose, etc. ;

3. Health status: Have you been feeling unwell recently? Have you seen a doctor recently? Whether there are “ten symptoms” such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, loss or loss of smell, loss or loss of taste, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia, diarrhea, etc.

4. History of travel and residence in the past 7 days, past medical history, etc.;

5. History of close contact of the case: including shared meals, shared public transportation, family members, etc.;

6. Other necessary information useful for disease prevention and control.

Note: All personal information obtained from the interview will be kept strictly confidential

4. How to recall the itinerary in detail?

1. Check record traces: call records, WeChat chat records, electronic payment records, photos, logs, etc. can help to remember travel and social situations.

2. Event association: What memorable events have occurred recently, and use this as a starting point to recall the people and places you have been in contact with in the past few days.

3. Exceptions to Habits: In addition to the usual life and work, have there been any recent exceptions or new acquaintances.

4. Common memories: family members, friends, colleagues, classmates, and people with a shared travel history can ask them to help with memory.

V. Warm reminders

1. You must download and register the official APP of “National Anti-Fraud Center” on your mobile phone. This is an effective Software to prevent fraud and quickly report fraudulent contentReport clues, fraud warning, anti-fraud publicity and other functions. Turn on the “Call Alert” function to automatically alert calls suspected of being fraudulent, and reduce the risk of being defrauded in time.

2. Everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic. The general public is requested to actively cooperate with the transfer and provide accurate information. Deliberately concealing harm to others and causing the spread of the epidemic will be punished in accordance with laws and regulations. At the same time, maintain a high degree of vigilance, beware of being deceived and avoid property damage.

Source: Shaanxi Health Commission, Xi’an CDC