Under special circumstances, only a man who digs dung can save a life!

Recently, Foshan, Guangdong. A 13-year-old boy ate half a catty of melon seeds a day without spitting out the shells, which caused abdominal pain, constipation, and anal pain, which did not ease after two days. After seeing a doctor, he found that Xiaojian had a lot of hard stools in his rectum, mixed with many sharp melon seed shells, and could not be discharged automatically.

Finally, the doctor removed a lot of stool from his anus with his hands.

Many say doctors do the same?

Doctors do this all the time!

Similar cases I encountered when I was a doctor in Wensu County, Xinjiang.

On May 13, 2014, a nine-year-old Uyghur boy came to the doctor with stomach pain.

There are many Uyghur children in the area who like to eat green apricots. Green apricot is what kind of flower has just withered, or a very small, tender and immature apricot. They eat green apricots with their skins and cores, and swallow them after chewing them a little.

This nine-year-old boy ate a lot of green apricots before getting a stomach ache.

Five days ago, he had severe pain in the anus as soon as he had a bowel movement, and then stopped.

Since three days ago, he has been unable to relieve a single poop, not even a fart.

He was bloated and groaning in pain.

I checked him and found that his anus was stuck with apricot kernel fragments, and the entire rectal cavity was filled with apricot kernel fragments.

The apricot kernel fragments have irregular sharp corners, and they bleed painfully as soon as they touched the anus, so he did not dare to defecate. As a result, the stool formed a hard lump in the rectum, which could no longer be pulled out. .

This is intestinal obstruction. If the intestines are not opened up, the intestines will be ischemic and necrotic, and the child’s life will be in danger.

What about this?

Using laxatives?

The rectum is blocked by a hard lump with fragments of apricot kernels, and laxatives cannot get through it, which will only aggravate the symptoms and may eventually be forced to undergo surgery to save her life.

That doesn’t work!

Using an enema?

The rectum is so full of lumps that the enema tube cannot reach the rectum.

This doesn’t work either.

The only thing that worked was to manually remove the almond shards and lumps from his anus.

I’m digging out the apricot kernels in the boy’s anus

I put on gloves and used long tweezers to dig out the almond pits in his anus.

Put out only a few pieces of apricot kernels once

It took me two hours to pull out several hundred pieces of apricot kernels. Finally hollowed out his rectum.

After his rectum was hollowed out, the moment his large intestine finally cleared, the boy yelled for a bowel movement.

Before he finished speaking, the boy sprayed fart and feces from his anus.

My hat, glasses, mask, and work clothes are covered with his stench and excrement.

The stench fills the room immediately, I said, get up.

The boy climbed out of the treatment bed and immediately said that the stomach pain was gone, and ran out of the treatment room in a rush.

Leaving me messed up in the stench, not knowing where to scrub first after taking off my gloves.

Because, at that time, there was no bathroom in the county hospital to take a shower! I had to walk through the crowded streets with a full body of feces and go back to the dormitory to wash.

The child is in good health and recovers quickly. He does not need to be hospitalized.

Since then, my nickname in many WeChat groups has been changed to Man.