Two young women wear corsets to visit the scenic spot, attracting male tourists to take a peek at it, netizens: treat it rationally

Summer is scorching hot, the blue sky is hung with a fireball-like sun, the clouds seem to have been burnt and disappeared without a trace, the fiery sun scorches the earth mercilessly, if not for special circumstances, no one can Reluctance to spend an extra minute outside.

In this weather, an extra piece of clothing is a burden. All along, whenever the weather is hot in summer, men can go topless without any scruples, while women can only secretly envy.

With the continuous development of society, many female friends are becoming more and more avant-garde and fashionable. Continue to make the constraints of traditional concepts, and do things that are inconceivable to people with traditional concepts.

No, the two beauties below simply wrapped their breasts and came out, instantly becoming a beautiful landscape, and men all cast their admiring glances…


Although the temperature is high in summer, it is also the golden season of the year for travel. Men and women who have been in intense work for a long time have put down their work and walked out of the house to enjoy the beautiful world outside.

Xishuangbanna in Yunnan is a popular place for tourists. It not only borders Laos and Myanmar, but also has the best preserved tropical ecosystem in my country. It is known as the “plant kingdom”, “animal kingdom”, With the reputation of “Biological Gene Bank” and “an emerald on the crown of the plant kingdom”, many tourists come here every year for sightseeing.

I ran into two coolly dressed young women in a tourist attraction in Xishuangbanna. The people are wearing long skirts, the upper body is simply wrapped in a piece of cloth, the entire back is exposed to the sun, and half of the chest is exposed, they are eating fruit with relish in front of a fruit stand.

Seeing this scene, the other tourists around were not calm, and they stared directly at the courageous They, cowardly, squinted secretly. I don’t know if they didn’t notice the strangeness of the people around them, or if they were already used to all this, the two women didn’t care and still went about their own business leisurely.

This scene happened to be recorded by tourists with their mobile phones, and then posted to the Internet, and soon The post attracted a crowd of onlookers, and everyone was amused and laughed at the same time as they liked and commented.

Some people say: Everyone has a love for beauty! Especially for women, it is their nature to pursue beauty and fashion, and they can do it without prohibition by law. The society is constantly developing, and people’s customs and concepts are also changing. Everyone should understand and tolerate, and do not engage in moral kidnapping;

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Some people also said: Where is this tourist? They are clearly like the staff of scenic spots or other activities. They are not fashionable and avant-garde. They deliberately dress like this to attract tourists’ attention; In summer, the sun is so big and there are so many mosquitoes, aren’t they afraid of being exposed to the sun? Aren’t you afraid that mosquitoes will give them “red envelopes”? Today’s female friends really don’t understand them more and more?

Travel may really be like the ridicule on the Internet: from where you are tired of seeing others Tired place! In the process of traveling, we will definitely encounter some things that we have never seen before, or even subvert our traditional cognition. At this time, we must calm down, look at everything with a peaceful attitude, and comfort with “the world is so wonderful” Own.

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