True or False: Drinking milk before bed can affect growth hormone and reduce child growth by 10 cm?

Recently, many mothers in the background said that they have seen some videos on the Internet, saying that drinking milk before going to bed is not conducive to children’s growth. He also gave the example of his own baby, saying that he had been drinking milk for his child before going to bed for several years, hoping that the child would grow taller, but the child not only did not grow taller, but also was much shorter than children of the same age.

The reason is that drinking milk before going to bed will increase the child’s blood sugar and affect the secretion of growth hormone, so it will cause the child to grow taller?

This has made many mothers who are used to drinking milk for their babies anxious and puzzled. Can they really drink milk for their babies before going to bed? Could it be that the slow growth of my baby is really caused by drinking too much milk before going to bed?

Milk is a very good nutritional product, which is the consensus of many parents. It is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins, etc., more complete nutrition, and easy to digest and absorb. In particular, the calcium contained in milk is an essential raw material for the growth of human bones, and the vitamin D contained in it can promote the absorption of calcium and achieve the effect of calcium supplementation to promote growth.

A number of studies in the United States have found that the amount of milk consumed in children’s growth and development is positively related to the child’s height. Of course, this does not mean that drinking milk as water will make you a big man, but drinking milk reasonably, and excessive milk intake will also affect your health.

Experts from the Chinese Nutrition Society believe that children should drink 300 grams of milk every day, which is not only conducive to their growth and development, but also promotes the healthy growth of bones and muscles.

Does drinking milk really increase blood sugar and affect growth hormone?

After drinking milk before going to bed, the blood sugar level of the human body will indeed increase. High blood sugar will inhibit the secretion of growth hormone. If there is less growth hormone, it may not grow high. This logic is indeed not correct. questionable.

This is also the logic chain in the video that drinking milk before going to bed will affect the height growth: because the secretion of growth hormone is very large during sleep at night, accounting for almost 1% of the total secretion. /2, the peak appears about an hour after the child falls asleep, when the child enters a deep sleep state. So don’t give your baby milk before going to bed.

It sounds very reliable, but there are actually two misunderstandings. One is that it is not just drinking milk. At any time, within 1 to 2 hours after eating any food, you actually have to experience A blood sugar rise process, which is why people with low blood sugar can’t go hungry.

Second, the secretion of growth hormone can promote the growth of children, but the secretion of growth hormone is not positively correlated with growth, and the total amount of growth hormone secreted by people every day is certain, and it is not will vary depending on your lifestyle. That is to say, it is not necessary that a child eats more and eats well to secrete more growth hormone, and even if more growth hormone is secreted, it may not necessarily grow faster.

Because the most important factor affecting a child’s height is heredity, followed by other acquired factors. These acquired factors include proper exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep. A balanced diet includes adequate calcium intake. Foods rich in calcium and easily available are milk and dairy products.

There is no scientific evidence that drinking milk before bed will cause children to grow taller. Of course, it is not recommended to go to bed immediately after drinking milk. You should give your stomach some time to digest, so it is recommended to change the time of drinking milk to half an hour or 1 hour before going to bed.

And parents don’t have to worry about having to drink milk at night, they can drink it during the day. Breakfast with milk, you can also drink milk half an hour before meals. Of course, parents should also pay attention to the fact that some children will feel uncomfortable drinking milk on an empty stomach, and the time to drink milk can be reasonably allocated according to the child’s situation.