Tomatoes are known as the “protective fruit for men”, but they should not be eaten casually, especially for 3 types of people, try to eat less

Why do we often advise everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables? Because vegetables are rich in anthocyanins and chlorophyll. Anthocyanins can delay skin aging, resist oxidation, maintain healthy eyesight, and fight cancer.

Chlorophyll is an essential substance for plant photosynthesis. It is mainly composed of magnesium. Magnesium can promote growth and development. It is an essential trace element for human hematopoiesis, bone formation, and maintenance of normal metabolism and neuromuscular function.

Fruits are rich in nutrients and trace elements, which can supplement the body with nutrients such as protein, vitamins and various trace elements.

Tomatoes are the perfect combination of the two. Tomatoes can be eaten raw as a fruit, sweet, sour, juicy, delicious and healthy. Cooked food can be used as a dish, nutritious and delicious.

Many women in life love to eat tomatoes, which can be used for beauty and beauty. In fact, tomatoes are also very suitable for male friends to eat. It also has the reputation of “male protection fruit”.

Why are tomatoes called “male protective fruit”?

An important nutrient in tomatoes for men is lycopene. Lycopene is one of the most potent oxidants found in plants today.

Although lycopene is commonly found in a variety of vegetables and fruits, it is the most abundant in tomatoes. Lycopene can scavenge free radicals in the body, play an anti-aging effect, and can also resist UV damage, prevent skin allergies, and protect the skin.

For men, prostate disease is a relatively common disease. Most of the causes of this disease are the decline of the body’s immunity and bacterial infection. The lycopene in tomatoes has good antibacterial and immune-enhancing effects, which is very helpful for maintaining male prostate health.

According to a Harvard University study, men who ate 10 servings of tomatoes or tomato foods a week were more likely to eat less than two servings of tomatoes or less than those who ate no tomatoes. serving men have a 45% lower risk of prostate cancer.

In addition, tomatoes also contain a lot of carotene, vitamins, folic acid and some minerals, a variety of trace elements, which can prevent bladder cancer, digestive system tumors, enhance resistance, and are very good for health.

However, the lycopene in tomatoes is only easily absorbed when cooked, so if you want to supplement lycopene, you should eat tomatoes cooked.

Having said so many benefits of tomatoes, we also need to understand the taboos of tomatoes.

The following three types of people are not suitable for eating tomatoes, so keep your mouth shut.

1. People with weak stomach

Because tomatoes are cool in nature and contain a lot of acidic substances, people with weak stomach will make the already fragile after eating them. The stomach is stimulated again, causing various discomforts such as bloating, diarrhea, and stomach pain.

2. People with rheumatoid arthritis

If rheumatoid arthritis patients eat too much tomatoes, the disease will be aggravated.

3. People with high creatinine

When the creatinine in the body is too high and has reached the level of uremia, the urine will decrease, and a lot of water will accumulate in the body. It is easy to edema, and tomatoes have a high water content. If you eat too much, the edema will be aggravated.

The easiest and most reliable way to eat tomatoes is tomato egg soup.

Because the lycopene in tomatoes, like carotene, is essentially a fat-soluble vitamin, it can only exert its maximum effect after heating. However, if lycopene is in contact with the heat environment and oxygen for too long, it is easy to be lost, and it is not suitable for long-term cooking.

So tomato and egg soup has become a very reliable choice. The short heating time of this dish maximizes the preservation of lycopene for better absorption by the body.

So male friends may wish to drink some tomato egg soup regularly, which is nutritious, delicious and healthy.

Of course, the popular fruit tomatoes are also very good to eat as snacks. Juicy, very good taste, many repeat customers, it is very good to eat directly.

In short, the nutritional value of tomatoes is also very high. For men, eating tomatoes often has many benefits, but you must also pay attention to taboos .