Insufficient yang qi will cause all kinds of diseases! We should be vigilant when these abnormal manifestations appear in the body!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that yang qi is the foundation of our health. Whether it is in regulating diseases or maintaining health, we will work hard on yang qi. When yang qi is strong, evil cannot be tolerated, and yang qi has four major benefits in the body.

First, yang has the function of defending and resisting external evils.

Second, yang qi has the function of protecting the body

Third, yang qi has the function of warming various organs of the body. Function

Fourth, yang qi has the effect of promoting blood circulation

It can be said that yang qi is a very important foundation of human life , But modern people are constantly depleting their yang energy every day under various pressures, or due to improper diet, or following the trend, and it is even more frightening that they are still unaware of the disease until the root is damaged.

In the “Huangdi Neijing”, it is recorded that at the age of forty, the yin and qi are half, and the daily life is declining. It means that I am only 40 years old, the yang qi and yin jin are naturally consumed by half, the spirit is not as good, and the movements are not as flexible as before, which means that it is similar to the sun. , Yang Qi went downhill.

So what kind of experience will the body have when there is insufficient yang energy?

1. Insufficiency of heart yang

The heart controls the blood vessels, and the heart controls the mind. When our heart is weak, then there will be chest pain, chest tightness, palpitations and other symptoms. In particular, some people have obvious symptoms. For example, in the area where the back faces the heart, they are often afraid of cold, and they always feel cold there.

In addition, the heart is equivalent to our engine. When the yang of the heart is weak, there will be symptoms of numbness and cold limbs.

For the lack of heart yang, we have to warm up the heart yang.

2. Deficiency of spleen-yang

In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen is responsible for transporting and transforming water, grain, and dampness. Water valley refers to our function of digestion and absorption, while water wetness refers to our ability to eliminate metabolism. When spleen-yang is deficient, water-dampness and water-grain transport and transformation are abnormal, then symptoms such as abdominal distension, diarrhea, and anorexia will appear. It will also be accompanied by constipation and loose stools. Constipation is often this kind of empty secret or cold secret, that is, there is no strength to go down, and it is very difficult to discharge. If you have diarrhea, you may have diarrhea as soon as you eat something cold.

In addition, lack of spleen yang will also show a cold side. For example, aversion to cold, cold limbs, pale tongue or tooth marks, white and slippery tongue coating.

For the deficiency of spleen-yang, it is mainly to warm the yang and replenish the deficiency.

3. Deficiency of Kidney-Yang

It should be known that the kidney is the foundation of the yang qi of the human body. Yang Qi will be depleted. The kidney stores essence, controls bone and marrow, controls growth and development, controls reproduction, and controls water. Once the kidney yang is deficient, typical symptoms will appear. For example, the waist and knees are sore and weak, especially the lower back is very cold, the lower limbs have no strength, the lower limbs are very cold, and even edema occurs.

In addition, kidney yang deficiency will also affect the decline of our urinary and reproductive functions, such as frequent urination, weakness, infertility and so on.

For general kidney-yang deficiency, the treatment is mainly to warm and invigorate kidney-yang.

Although all of the above are lack of yang qi, the symptoms are different. Some people may be just one, and some people may be both. Therefore, it is best to treat under the doctor’s dialectical when conditioning.

Under normal circumstances, our diet should be balanced with cold and heat, mixed with cool and warm foods, so as to keep the yang energy intact. But if your physique is cold, you can eat more warm foods to increase the yang energy in your body.